Why Eating With Hands Is Good For Your Health?

Why Eating With Hands Is Good For Your Health?
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Most Indians claim that it is only with their hands that the true taste of food can be felt. According to Ayurveda, each finger is an increase in each of the five elements. Thus, a person who gathers his fingertips in order to touch food may enamel the five elements (earth, water, fire, space, air) and increase his knowledge of the feel, smell, and taste of the food he is about to eat. So you feed not only your physical body but your mind and spirit as well. Continue reading to know how eating with hands is good for your health.

How Eating With Hands Is Good For Your Health?

Why do Indians use their hands to eat? Most people may be interested in knowing this. Some of the benefits of eating food with your hands are:

1. Indulges All Senses

When a person who uses cutlery to eat food, his or her experience may be limited to food textures that are felt in the mouth only. Eating with your hands instead gives your meal a specific dimension by involving all your senses.

2. Increases Circulation Of Blood

Hand intake is safe because it can be a wonderful muscle workout that can help improve blood circulation in effect. Hand movements can help encourage increased blood flow, which can have a beneficial impact on the body’s overall well-being.

3. Encourages Mindful Eating

When you join your fingers to eat, it may increase your mindfulness about the flavor and aroma of food, helping to make the whole event more enjoyable. You’re more attached or in sync with your food than when you’re eating with a spoon. In addition, a more alert and relaxed mind will facilitate optimal digestion and improved nutrient assimilation.

Why Eating With Hands Is Good For Your Health?

4. Enhance Digestion

As soon as we touch our food with our fingers, the nerve endings in our fingertips suggest that the brain is about to feed. The message is also passed to the stomach, which starts its digestion preparedness by releasing the digestive enzymes and juices important for effective digestive. The finger nerve endings also help to assess the food’s structure and temperature that we are about to eat, thus making the brain ready to release suitable digestive juices even before the food reaches our lips.

5. Helps You Stay Fit

People had less appetite at snack time when people eat by hand while reading a newspaper or watching TV simultaneously, and opted for a smaller snack. Researchers concluded that hand use encourages the feeling of fullness and satiety relative to cutlery use.

6. Gives Healthy Bacteria

The skin of the hands is inhabited by several beneficial bacteria. This healthy flora will protect the body from the attack of other harmful bacteria that enter from the outside world. Hand eating can, therefore, help to improve the natural immunity of our digestive system to bacterial ecological germs. But make sure your hands are washed properly before eating and your nails are also trimmed.

7. Advantages Of Our Chakras

When fingers bring the food into the mouth, they appear to curve in a yogic mudra that activates the sensory bodies that preserve an equilibrium of prana. According to Vedas the third eye, heart, throat, solar plexus, sexual chakras are associated with the fingertips. So, when we eat foods with our hands, touch and action trigger the chakras and make enormous profits for us.

Why Eating With Hands Is Good For Your Health?

8. Prevents Tongue Burning

Your hands are also capable of acting as temperature sensors. When a person is eating with a belt, he can not understand how hot the food is, as it goes right into his mouth from the plate. By comparison, the nerve endings of your fingertips send a temperature read to the brain when you touch the food you eat with your hands, keeping you from burning your tongue.

9. Discourages Excessive Eating

Eat with your hands will gradually and intentionally avoid binge-feeding and possibly weight gain, which will allow you to feel full even less with food. It also promotes a feeling of satiety or pleasure that is missing from getting your food by using cutlery.

10. Prevent Diseases like Type 2 Diabetes

Research suggests that patients with type 2 diabetes are likely to be hasty eaters. And in contrast to people without the disorder, they use the cutlery to eat. Eating rapidly was linked to the differences in blood sugar in the body, making it a factor in type 2 diabetes.

11. It Is Hygienic

Well, it may sound offensive to others, but in contrast to spoons and chopsticks, human hands are more hygienic.

12. It Is Natural

In many cultures eating with hands is a common practice, especially in Indian, since Indian cuisine is such that it feels like the most natural thing to do. Now imagine using a fork and knife on dal and roti? Or try eating a non-vegetarian delicacy that consists of bones with a fork? It is pretty impractical. Therefore hands are preferred to fine cutlery.

13. Attention And Satisfaction

It’s a more mechanical process when you eat with cutlery than when you eat with your hands. You have to be very attentive to what you consume if you feed with your mouth. You not only appreciate and enjoy the food more, but you are more mindful of what and how much you consume. Mindless eating is one of the main causes of gaining weight and is a much safer choice. eating carefully.

Why Eating With Hands Is Good For Your Health?

So these are 13 reasons why eating with hands is good for your health.

Indians tend to value food, both during their preparation and enjoyment. When it comes to eating, most Indians, unlike the Western culture of using fancy cutlery, can do so with hands. And the practice has its benefits. So consider tossing cutlery to taste the dishes with the hands the next time you want to taste the food.

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