History And Importance Of International Family Day 2020

History And Importance Of International Family Day 2020
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The family is the smallest building block of society, and no doubt, the most important one as well! Having strong familial bonds provides support and a safe environment that is necessary for an individual’s development. Scroll down for the history and significance of international family day 2020.

When International Family Day Is Celebrated?

World Family Day is celebrated in countries all over the world and will be observed on May 15, Friday, 2020. The UN and the Universal Peace Foundation are the key forces behind the celebrations. Governments in a variety of countries are helping them by planning events and activities.

History Of International Family Day 2020

In 1993, the UN passed a resolution to highlight the organization’s commitment to foster decent living conditions and family social change around the globe. In 1994, in response to the increasing economic and social structures that affect the unity and function of family units in different parts of the world. The United Nations officially proclaimed the International Family Day essentially honors the fact that families are the foundation of any community.

Why is World Family Day Celebrated?

The day is conducted with a two-way goal in mind. Awareness-raising of the nature of families and the different factors that impact this unit negatively. It acknowledges the strength and capabilities of what is seen in many parts of the world as the most fundamental unit of society. The day is used annually as a launchpad to illustrate issues for families and the necessary action taken by people, communities, and governments. The day also reveals how a better family unit allows society and nations ultimately to be improved.

Symbol of This Day

A solid green circle with a red image represents the International Family Day symbol. The picture comprises elements of simple heart and house drawings. This shows that families are central to society, providing residence for all ages that are stable and supportive.

History And Importance Of International Family Day 2020

Theme Of International Family Day

The UN decides on an International Family Day theme each year. This helps to identify the overall course of the problems. Depending on the new problems and developments the theme changes every year. International family day 2020 Theme is- “Families in Development: Copenhagen & Beijing + 25”.

How the International Family Day Celebrated?

In different ways across the world, International Family Day is celebrated. Political leaders in certain communities hold discussions and presentations about the common problems that families face in these communities. Some countries organize their activities and events on the basis of the UN specific theme. People often want to spend time with their families on this day. Although governments around the globe find this day significant, the day isn’t a public holiday.

International Family Day in India is also celebrated in an enormous way with the involvement of different organizations and companies. The goal here is to celebrate the relationships in a family and to raise awareness on the issues facing families. For their workers and families, companies plan activities. This helps family members of staff to understand the culture of the company and to establish relationships with those in the company. Sports, Concerts, and dance performances are also presented in events.

Facts Of World Family Day

  • The Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1993 and first celebrated on 15 May 1994.
  • In 1994, the United Nations declared the International Year of Families.
  • First and foremost, the UN introduced the theme of the day in 1996.
  • The fundamental truth of the day is to understand the importance of a family structure for the people.
  • Family Day gives the chance to solve the problems of the family.

Activities of World Family Day

  • There are public exhibits and debates on proposals on the theme of the year.
  • Seminars on the families of policy-makers are conducted by officials.
  • The day gives people a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family.
  • Take time to have fun activities with your family, it might be easy for you to wander to a park and go to the beach and have lunch or dinner in a restaurant that is family-friendly.

Indoor Activities With Kids On World Family Day

  • With young children, you can draw, color, or paint.
  • You can buy and decorate a cake for your family in more edible colors.
  • Gardening with kids at home is also very exciting, kitchen gardening is also fascinating.
  • Cycling with children is a great fun thing.
  • You can even camp with your family at the nearest campsite.
  • Playing children’s board games makes very enjoyable moments.
  • It’s so fun to decorate your home or arrange your family photo album with the support of the kids.
  • Simple family activities strengthen and enhance the bond.
  • Spend more time with family than ever before.

Effects Of Coronavirus Pandemic On International Family Day

To the extent that this pandemic has caused destruction to our socio-economic environment, it has also made us think of the importance of family lost in the hustle of modernization. It has given us back the walled-chamber meaning where it has defaced its identity. While the 20th century has brought us in its flow many biological and social advances, our values, our human identity, and love have sunk and faced eternal death. When the whole world was tied to a social distance and we are all in a state of isolation today, a family wasn’t kept apart from us.

The family ties offer us warmth when the world where we were still suffering is saved, they were still accepted. Therefore, while this pandemic is a tragedy for all of us because it constantly snatches our loved ones from us, it has proven a veiled blessing to make us revalue our positions until it is too late for us. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is expected to hold the world in its home, the annual International Family Day 2020 will be held online in the UN headquarters in New York.

Families are one of the main facets of every culture. In this sense, children will be taught how to interact with and integrate with other members of society. Elders earn their families’ assistance too. We must take the time to build family ties and resolve the issues facing families. If a family unit is healthy and secure, it will definitely safeguard and contribute to society for individual families.

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