What’s Your Parenting Style?

What's Your Parenting Style
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Parents, did you know your parenting style? If No then it is very important for you to know what your style and how your style, influences your child for the rest of their life.  Also, it is very important to know that your parenting style is supporting your child health and growth development.

According to studies, there are four types of parenting styles.

  • Authoritarian
  • Authoritative
  • Permissive
  • Uninvolved
For raising children each style takes a different approach. All four styles can be identified with their number of characteristics.

1. Authoritarian: If you have an authoritarian style of parenting, then you must have a high expectation from your children. You have high demands of your children, but low responsivenessAlso, if a child makes mistakes, you tend to punished harshly. A common punishment is seen in authoritarian style are Yelling and corporal.  Authoritarian parents often make the rules and they even don’t care if a child asks the reason behind a rule. Authoritarian parents use punishments instead of discipline. Authoritarian parents don’t express much warmth or nurturing 

Children of authoritarian parents become a liar in order to avoid punishment as their parents are strict. Also, they become aggressive & at a higher risk of development self-esteem problems.

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2. Authoritative: This style of parenting, mainly focuses on balance. Authoritative parents are high responsiveness and have reasonable demands. They give their full support to their children. They listen to their children and show their love and warmth, but with limits and fair discipline. They take efforts to maintain a positive relationship with their child. Also, if they set certain rules they explain the reason behind that rule. 

Authoritative parents also listen to their child’s opinion and they invest time in their children behavior. Their expectation is also high, but they are flexible with the situation. 

Children with authoritative parents tend to be happy and successful. They are also a good decision maker and can evaluate safety risks on their own. Also, they can express their opinion confidently.

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3. Permissive: This style of parenting does not expect mature behavior from their child. They are low demanding and high responsiveness. These parents are lending to be very loving but at the same time, they provide few guidelines and rules. Although they set some rules but rarely enforce them. They are more like a friend than a parental figure.

Permissive parents always encourage their children to talk about their problems. But kids with permissive parents are likely to struggle academically. Also, they don’t appreciate the authority and rules, have low self-esteem and may report a lot of sadness.

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4. Uninvolved:  In this style of parenting, parents are not spending much time with their child. They maybe neglectful but it’s not always intentional. Uninvolved parents don’t know much about their child and their development. They show very little love, affection, and warmth towards their children, they have no expectation, they don’t attend any school events.

Children who grow-up with uninvolved parents have fear becoming dependent on other people, feel fear, anxiety, or stress, also they often emotionally withdrawn. They tend to perform poorly in school and likely to struggle with self-esteem issues.
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These are 4 parenting style and characteristic. So, parents what’s your style of parenting?

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Few of you must be fit into a single parenting style. But instead of using a single style, start using a combination of parenting style. To maintain a positive relationship with your child dedicate some time to become a better parent.


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