Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths
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Parents have been so caught in the ‘whose-child-is-all-rounder’ cycle, they are beginning to concentrate so much on what is missing and what is wrong. They are failing to consider the special talents and abilities of their children. This article aims to direct parental focus on strengths and provide new insights into perceived weaknesses. Scroll down for the tips to turn your child’s weaknesses into strengths

Children And Personality

Every child has certain genetic features and characteristics that communicate with the environment and become personal. The personality of a child is the synthesis of his emotions, feelings, and behaviors and of a certain degree of conditioning and structure of the environment, which results in a particular attitude and temperament.

Although certain personality traits are precious and commendable, some other qualities are often viewed as irritating or unacceptable. Each parent thus attempts to ‘shape’ the character of the child by trying to remove flaws or negative characteristics.

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

Traits Of Weakness And Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

Some of the traits are regarded as unappealing or as weaknesses in children. Those very vulnerabilities, however, may also be latent powers that parents do not know. A list of such features—often referred to as ‘weaknesses’—was summarized below using the acronym ‘TALENTS’. Here are some tips to turn your child’s weaknesses into strengths.

Strength doesn’t come from winning. You are building your strengths through your struggles. It is courage when You go through challenges and chose not to give up.

1. Too Much Talking

Children talking a lot are teased with nicknames like ‘Nonstop Nonsense.’ We’ve got a long list of overly verbal young clients who have a lot to say. Parents find this habit frightening and tiring.

We have a different opinion, however. I assume that children who talk a lot verbally store a lot of knowledge. Such children can be high-profile speakers and successful communicators. They are articulate and socially qualified. They are often extroverts and ambitious as well.

As parents, we should direct a speaker in a coherent and organized way towards the processing of information. It can also contribute to routine brevity. That trait can also be channeled into leadership positions and later-life professions. These skills are important for careers like law, management, marketing, and training. Why not promote this from your child’s young age, and channel it right?

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

Tips to Deal With Overly Talkative Child

2. Dreaming And Laziness

It is a common issue for young kids — middle school kids are notorious for dreaming during school hours. Although this can make it harder to gather your child in school, the bigger picture emerging is one of ingenuity and imagination.

Children who dream also think outside of the box and solve imaginative problems. In their research, Godwin et al., published in the journal Neuropsychologia (2017), ‘Functional communication within and between intrinsic networks in the brain correlates with a characteristic wanderer. Many daydreamers also pursue painting, literature, poetry, and cinema careers. Kindly recommend using sketches, cartoons, stories, etc to encourage your child to express this latent creativity every day.

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

3. Shy

The quiet and withdrawn children are frequently put down and mocked for their being who they are in this culture that rewards extroversion. This is incredibly regrettable that we may not consider their abundance of talent and end up concentrating on their inability to overcome social circumstances.

People who are shy do extremely well in fields where critical thinking and analytical abilities are required. In an article entitled ‘The Shy Child,’ the educator and counselor Leah Davies writes: “What is remarkable is that shyness is not inherently a negative trait.

Shy children make big numbers and perform extensive activities. Why don’t you promote their quiet efforts to lead happy and contented lives instead of forcing shy children to become something they are not?

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

4. Naughty And Restless

The naughty and impatient children are on the other side of the spectrum from the daydreamers and restless children. Those are the ones who have marks such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD) and hyperkinetic disorder labeled. Those children thrive on exploration and movement. They are tactile, experiential, and sometimes troubled learners with relentless curiosity.

The best way to deal with these kids is to provide them with enough opportunities to release their high energy levels through physical activity, free play, martial arts training, and movement-based exercises. We will gravitate to activities like sport, travel photography, gymnastics, or dance as they get older.

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

5. Bossy And Stubborn

Kids who are considered to be stubborn and arrogant can not be a pleasure. However, these children are able to make excellent leaders and managers with their gentle outlets and with some experience in active listening and negotiating skills.

Bossy children and reluctant children have the inherent gift of being strong and confident. As children grow up into adults, managerial positions involving decision-making and negotiating skills will best suit them. That’s because they have their own ideas, and what they want is quite clear.

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

6. Acting-out Behaviors

If your child behaves and throws a full-blown tangle, particularly before visitors or strangers, it can be so distracting. It can be exasperating and I’m not blaming you for wanting to get away. These activities are also a way for children to express deeper feelings and problems.

These habits often calm down if you can get beyond the frustration and fix the core problems. Nevertheless, in the fields requiring drama and theatrics, children with the inherent ability to act also excel. Show business, theater, and other performing arts are very good outlets for channeling the excess energy and acting skills possessed by these youngsters. So, if your family has a little drama king or queen, consider enrolling your child in theater class!

Tips To Turn Your Child’s Weaknesses Into Strengths

So, these are some tips to turn your child’s weaknesses into strengths.

If you’ve concentrated on the shortcomings or negative characteristics of your kid, maybe it’s time to reconsider and look at how the same weakness might actually be a hidden power, waiting to be recognized and nurtured. When you discover the strength behind the irritating weakness that continues to emerge, you will be well on the road to helping your child grow those secret strengths and celebrate its weaknesses.

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