8 Parenting Rules You Can Break

8 Parenting Rules You Can Break
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If there is one word that comes with an infinite collection of do’s and don’ts in this life, it’s undeniably parenthood. You would find it hard to find a relative, a grandparent, a pediatrician, or a total stranger who does not want to share a laundry list of items you should and should not do to raise your little one. All this can be extremely choking for a new parent, who has a million and one problem, anxiety, and frustrations about this crucial job. The great news? The only valid law of parenting is that there are no one-size-fits-all rules. And your child and your family’s “regulations” will greatly differ from those that work for your neighbor or sister.

But the way you’ve grown up might not be the best way to raise your own child. We ‘re all conditioned on parenting the way our parents did.   If you want you to raise your children differently, it takes time and thinking to step away from this pattern.” However you choose your own individualized set of parenting rules, the most important thing is your instinct. To assist you in the big bucks parenting guidelines, we asked experts to share those that are totally fine to break, or even bend heavily, with you during your early parenting years. Scroll down for the set of parenting rules you can break.

Parenting Rules You Can Break

Are you trying to follow best practices every day to raise your child correctly? If yes, then break a few rules for a change, relax and lighten up — it’s good for you and your child equally. Here is a list of 8 parenting rules you can break.

The creation of healthy habits and routines helps to reduce power struggles.

1. A regular vacation schedule

It is crucial to make sure your child has ample time to play. But don’t make a schedule for him while you let your child play. Kids will still find something to do and are really imaginative. In addition, the only way forward is to play unstructured. Research from The American Medical Association in 2005 notes that children who play outdoor free and unstructured games, “will be smarter, will be better able to get along with others, safer and happier.”

8 Parenting Rules You Can Break

2. Newborns need to be socialized”

In some cultures, companies are required almost immediately after birth to meet and greet your newborn, but according to experts, this should not be enforced at all. “Treatment and conception are massive efforts that are clearly taking a lot out of a new mother,” says Snyder. “It takes six weeks for the uterus to return to its pregnancy size and even longer for the rest of the body and mind.” What new parents need and deserve after delivering their newborn baby is assistance and care so that they can catch up on sleep as well as recover both emotionally and physically, so feel free to “socialize” that child by having someone’s brother come over and do the laundry.

3. Never let your child skip a meal

When you feed your child violently or you are angry at why he does not have food, break the rule. Perhaps, your child will wake up hungry for breakfast and then have a good meal. Don’t stress yourself, though. Note, when your child is over five, he’ll know when he’s feeling hungry.

8 Parenting Rules You Can Break

4. Potty-train as soon as you can

Often parents want to know when TT (toilet training) should begin and how long it takes. On average, bowel and bladder control neuromuscular development is present by the age of 18 months. However, other TT-friendly variables (communication and gross motor skills, and temperament) may not yet be sufficiently established.” So, take it, easy moms. Let things go their way.

5. Breastfeeding is best:

Nearly everybody, including physicians and books, says breastfeeding is your baby’s best source of nutrition. Indeed, that is real. This is real. Nonetheless, it’s nowhere written in stone that even when she’s not up for her mother to breastfeed her baby. Kong and Lee published a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing (2004) titled “Factors that influence breastfeed decision.” They found that “personal, cultural, social, and environmental factors play a common role in breastfeeding.”

8 Parenting Rules You Can Break

6. Only one hour’s tv or computer time

Let us agree that our children are living in a modern age and need to be modern. So, we should break the rule sometimes and encourage your child to keep up with the tablet, usually during the trip. You may love a break from the parent ship when your child is having a nice time. It’s a win-win event! These exceptions can also extend to older children, especially if your child watches educational shows carefully. This rule therefore certainly needs some revision.

8 Parenting Rules You Can Break

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7. No junk food

Come on, Mother!   What about childhood without a few tons of sugar, candy, and popcorn? It can be hard for you to break this rule. Each child has a sweet tooth and you should check the intake of sugar. And the ‘no junk’ rule came up. Remember, though, that breaking it brings smiles to the faces of your kids and you wouldn’t trade that for a rule. So, once in a while say ice cream to breakfast. Watch a beautiful day unfold before you.

8 Parenting Rules You Can Break

8. Always be the cheerleader of your child

While you don’t want to violate this rule, children are really good when parents consistently break the rule. As children grow up, their parents need realistic and honest opinions. We want our children to be able to take it as they are into the wide competitive world, so it is best to participate in positive feedback. So, it’s best to start breaking this rule early.

So, these are 8 sets of parenting rules you can break.

Children need rules that will make them feel comfortable and protected. When you give them too many rules, however, you could be stifling their growth.

Rules are created to make life easier. At the same time, depending on the case, there are no rules that can not be modified or changed. Furthermore, if a rule does not fulfill its function, then do absolutely. You ‘re going to be happier. That’s going to make your kid happier.

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