Side Effects Wearing Contact Lenses For Long Time

Side Effects Wearing Contact Lenses For Long Time
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Contact lenses can seem like a daunting task for the first time, but once you hang it, you’re not going to feel like taking it off. You’d probably want to wear them all day long while wearing contact lenses and knowing that the world seems brighter (without wearing a pair of glasses) and that you look stunning. Yet it may not be nice for the eyes to wear lenses for too long. Wearing contact lenses is one thing, but it can be harmful to your eyes to wear them for too long. Scroll down to know the side effects of wearing contact lenses

Why Wearing Contact Lenses For long Time Is Not Good

To leave contacts in for too long, or worse yet, is unsafe to sleep in. Contact lenses are simply not intended to withstand these negligent practices either. The longer a contact gets worn the less oxygen the eye gets. Because the design of the cornea means that it has to be oxygenated from the air directly and that a contact lens inhibits it. Too long wearing contacts is called ‘overwear,’ which can lead to some quite serious problems.

Symptoms Of Wearing Contact Lenses For Long Time

The eye needs, of course, sufficient oxygen to function properly! Contact users can suffer from a variety of brutal side effects such as:

  • Overgrowth of blood vessels around it
  • Pain in eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Photophobia (light sensitivity)
  • Red-eye
  • Excessive tearing

It is recommended patients must visit their family eye doctor if they experience any of the above symptoms from contact lens overwear. An optometrist can provide further advice on how to handle the problem, depending on your specific situation. Usually, you are advised to temporarily stop wearing contacts. An eye exam is carried out to determine the degree of inflammation and a topical drug or steroid is recommended if available.

Once you get everything right again from your optometrist, it is important to fit the contact lens and perhaps to carry out some further instructions.

Side Effects Wearing Contact Lenses For Long Time

Here are some of the side effects of wearing contact lenses for too long include:

1. Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is a phenomenon in the red, itchy eye. In this way, the cornea becomes scarred. Contact lenses absorb most of the tears in order to keep your eyes dry. This can be avoided by keeping the cornea lubricating with your contacts or by taking frequent pauses and eye drops.

2. Eye Infections

If you wear contact lenses for too long, you may have long-term eye infections or allergies. A corneal abrasion is a reason behind infections. It could lead to corneal abrasion when you have dry eyes or if the contact lenses don’t sit properly on your eye surface.

3. Ptosis

You may have ptosis when your eyelids start to drool and you find it difficult to open them. The fluid can sometimes move into the tissues and pull off the deck, especially when the lens is being removed.

4. Eyes May Not Receive Enough Oxygen

For your eyes, oxygen is vital. When contact lenses sit on your eyes directly and cover the whole cortex, the oxygen does not reach your eyes. Therefore, the supply of oxygen to your eyes can be cut by wearing contact lenses for long hours.

5.Corneal Reflex Diminished

The corneal reflex is the way our brain tells our eyelids to shut when a risk comes. For instance, a wind blow, or anything that could harm your eyes like flying objects. Using contact lenses weakens this reflection so that your lenses do not shut down fast enough and poses a risk in certain situations.

6. Eye Pain

Another problem for people using contact lenses is eye pain. Contact lenses can decrease the oxygen supply to your eyes for too long. This can hurt your eyes or make your vision blur. People sometimes lose their eyesight as well.

7. Interact With Medications And Contraceptives

The use of birth control pills and contact lenses at the same time can lead to dry eyes and irritation. More specifically, it may trigger a response on the surface of your eyes in the tear film as well as lead to a tingling sensation. Avoid wearing contact lenses when you are on birth control pills.

8. Corneal Ulcer

If your cornea has bacteria, fungus, and viruses and is left untreated, they may become a corneal ulcer. In extreme cases, this situation can even lead to permanent blindness.

9. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis

Giant papillary conjunctivitis is a complicating factor that is present among people who wear contact lenses, especially those with long periods of wear. Symptoms include increased mucus and mild blurred vision.

10. Superficial Keratitis

The outermost layer of the cornea causes irritation by superficial keratitis caused by lens treatment solutions, allergies, infections, and mechanical irritation.

Tips To Take Care Of Eyes While Using Contact Lenses Regularly

Here are some tips for keeping your eyes protected:

  • Do not use your contact lens 24X7  and always take them off when you go to bed.
  • Put the lens on your fingertips and notice if it forms a “U” shape to make sure you wear them. There are edges flashing apart from this form and they don’t look like a cup, they are inside out. Make sure you put them in the right position.
  • Before touching your contact lenses, make sure you wash your hands well. Before touching your lenses, you should avoid using lotions that contain lanoline and hydrating agents. Oily and scented soaps are also no because particles of this can eventually stick to your lens surface.
  • Make sure you cut your fingernails and not too long. This is to prevent your contacts from accidentally scratching or damaging when set.
  • Get your eyes checked and check if your lenses need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Opt for silicone Hydrogel lenses because they do not completely cut off the supply of oxygen to the eyes and better than conventional soft lens contacts.
  • Make sure you lubricate the córnea with an eye drop when you remove lenses if you prefer using contact lenses every day. This prevents the dryness of your eyes.
  • Roll your eyes on the lens to make the circle then blink. This makes settling and adapting to your cornea easier for the lenses.
  • Look in the mirror when you wear the lenses to see if they are right. If not, remove and retry.

You now know what’s going to happen to your eyes if you’re wearing contact lenses for too long so don’t. Just follow the tips above and there will be no difficulty in your eyes.

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