Over Casual Youth for Kids & Parents


** Received this image from Facebook don’t know about authenticity.

Youth and working class segment seems to be little over Casual towards Children and parents.

Do we really think only Job , earning money , living lavish life, social status is the world and greatest achievement of life.

For me it’s BIG NO, I feel  ashamed when I see little kids starving for their Mom and Dad love but duo are busy building their career.

This kids even don’t have their Grand parents due to nuclear family culture and are in custody of Maids and Nanny.

Don’t you think Parents and Kids both need our Love, affection , caring at their current Age Stage.

**Kids are quick learner and they learn how their Mom dad are doing with their parents. You are making your own future đŸ™‚

Joint Families can reduce the requirements of Baby Sitter and Old Age Home in country. Atleast for people who still have someone to take care.

Looking for open comments and your valuable thoughts… Let’s discuss and bring solution to remove this evil from society.

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