Kajal For Babies

Why Kajal Isn’t safe for babies.
Its an old tradition to put kajal to the eyes of the new born. But is it safe?
Though it has been practiced since many years and ladies of the house used  to prepare it at home with cow’s ghee or castor oil soot, still question remains on toss whether using the same is safe or not.
Many old wives’ tales says that applying kajal to the new born make their eyes larger, brighter and prettier. It is also said to ward off evil’s eyes (buri nazar).
However the fact is –
1. Using ready made kajal is as good as poison, as it contains lead which is harmful for babies brain development.
2. Even if you use home prepared kajal, it tend to become irritant. Babies are too tender and any such soot cause their eyes watery.
3. With tear this soot may roll down to mouth or nose which is again so unsafe as it contain carbon.
4. Application procedure is also not safe for infants as they tend to move, it may hurt their eye.
5. Our improperly clean hands may become the culprit for carrying some infections into their tender eyes.
Although home made kajal is better enough for the eyes than those which are full of lead and available in market but it should be used only when your kid is above 3 years of age at least. You can always use it on babies forehead or palm/toe if it is must & to support the ritual which says that it helps to keep the evil’s eye away.
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