Best Lipsticks For Dark Skin Beauties

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties
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Dark skin is stunning, and by using a lip color that complements your skin tone you can improve its appeal even more. It can be quite a challenge to find the right hue of lipstick, particularly when it comes to people with dark skin. Melanin-rich ladies also shy away from wearing the lipstick in certain colors. Even stunning beauties, do not be afraid of experimenting and celebrating your divine skin color! Scroll down for the best lipsticks for dark skin beauties.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skin Beauties

Here are few best lipsticks for dark skin beauties.

1. M.A.C Amplified Lipstick – Neon Orange

An ultra-creaming lipstick with a smooth glide that offers a bold payoff color, full cover, and a semi-luster finish. It has an excellent color payoff, non-drying, smooth and creamy texture, and long-staying property.

This lovely neon orange color has a stunning look in darker skin tones. It comes in classically black M.A.C and has a sweet, vanilla-like scent like all M.A.C lipsticks. It has a smooth feel that offers a natural finish. When wearing this lipstick, make sure you prepare your lips because it’s really bright, so it is much more noticeable if you have flaky lips.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

2. Lakme Absolute Creme Lip Color – Plum Delight

This luxurious lip color from Lakme gives you a huge payoff in color. Vitamin E and wheat Germ Oil have enriched it to keep your lips silky, smooth and gentle. It is long-staying, affordable, great for dry lips and nourishes and hydrates your lips.

On every skin tone, this dark plum shade looks amazing. This glides and remains without bleeding or smudging on your lips. The texture is between a consistency that is smooth and gel-like. It comes in nice silver packaging and leaves a perfect, creamy finish. Ideal for evening wear, this shade looks especially hot on dusky to dark skin tones.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

3. NYX Professional Makeup Full Throttle – Night Crawler

It is the ultimate fix for the color addict and the dream for the makeup artist. The matte color covers your lips and a special bullet to assist you to line up, fill and perfect your lips to your heart’s desires! It has a super-pigmented, matte finish, long-staying, water-proof, smudge-proof and affordable.

The lipstick is available in a special, cool-looking package. It is cut in a very different shape of a bullet that is supposed to help with the application but after a few uses, this is lost. The ‘Night Crawler’ hue is a very deep, purple ashy blue-toned. It recalls raisins to me. The dusky to dark skin tones would look great!

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

4. L’Oreal Color Riche – Cinnamon Toast

To protect the lips and help keep them smooth, gentle and supple, it is filled with Argan oil and Omega 3. This retains moisture with Vitamin E’s cooling ability to keep the lips ultra-hydrated. It is a flawless, glossy finish, smooth texture that is rich and hydrating. It does not bleed or settle in fine lines and perfect for daily wear

This lipstick comes in an elegant, durable golden box that looks very classy. It has a smooth, rich, hydrated texture suitable for winters. Let’s speak about the ‘Cinnamon Toast’ color, which is a perfect naked brown with coral undertones. It makes a perfect shade of everyday wear that you can even wear to work with. That will certainly look good on dark and dusky skin tones.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

5. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Chocolicious

The Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick is a lightweight, creamy lip color that glides seamlessly over the lips, filled with mega-moisturizers to lock in color and softness. It has a creamy texture, extremely pigmented, and does not dry out lips.

It comes in the iconic Revlon black and gold package. This is a matte lipstick low in brightness. The ‘Chocolicious’ hue is a toasted, dark brown with very cool undertones. When you go for a simple look and dark lips, it will look beautiful.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

7. Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds – Fierce Fuchsia

Get high-impact color with Maybelline’s Color Sensational Filled Bolds in one saturated stroke. The hyper-colored pigments and smooth, creamy clay base provide one-stroke intensity. It is ultra-hydrating, has a creamy matte texture, enriched with moisturizing honey nectar, and extremely pigmented.

Maybelline’s lipstick has a rich and creamy texture which will give you a smooth finish. The pigmentation is amazing and with just one stroke, it gives you a saturated color. This shade of fuchsia is almost neon pink like the Impassioned of M.A.C.! If you’re a dusky girl who loves pink, go for the shade because it’s going to perfectly match your skin tone!

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

8. NYX Professional Makeup – Alabama

Only one smooth swipe of this NYX Professional Makeup matte lipstick offers highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing colour. The formula glides effortlessly on and remains in a non-drying matte high-fashion finish. It is extremely pigmented, long-lasting, and smooth and buttery property.

This NYX lipstick comes in a black matte tube that is transparent in the middle. This area reveals the lipstick’s color. It glides effortlessly onto the lips, and you get an opaque-semi matte finish in one swipe. Two swipes lock-off deals and use a tissue to loosen and position them! The ‘Alabama’ hue is the most stunning brick-red hue to go well with any skin tone. Yet I think the brick red on the dusky skin looks even more like a killer. It photographs well too!

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

9. Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick – Mesmerizing Magneta

This is a burst of color in statement formation that reaches a rush of creamy texture. It glides effortlessly over the lips and keeps them moisturized throughout the day. Its finest oils leave a sensuous finish.

It is a pretty pink with purple undertones. It looks like it was designed for dusky to dark skin tones because the duskiness makes this good color pop even more! The packaging is very nice and the texture is smooth, making it a very non-drying matt that is great for everyday wear. The lipstick, which is a major bonus, will not fade or bleed! It’s also really cheap.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

10. L’Oreal Paris Pure Reds Color Riche Collection Star Lipsticks – Pure Garnet

This matt effect allows the lipsticks to appear sultry and perfectly red. These are made to match every color of the skin.

The ‘Pure Grenet’ shade is a stunning, dark wine color, perfect for winter and night! The lipstick is highly pigmented and you get a good payoff in color. It is one of the colors of most skin tones that look amazing.

Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

So, these are few best lipsticks for dark skin beauties.

Some of you with dusky skin may look a little overwhelming in certain shades of lipstick, but don’t forget about trying any new and vibrant colors or muted nudes or anything you like!

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