Best Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties

nail polishes for dark skin
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You’ve come to the right place if you’re someone with dusky or dark skin tone and wondered which nail polish shade would look beautiful in your skin color. With the beauty industry booming in the nail polish arena, selecting the right nail polish shade or brand might be a daunting task. We have a list of best nail polishes for dark skin beauties, so you don’t have to be stuck forever on one nail polish shade.

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties

1. Maybelline Color Show Bright Sparks, Blazing Blue

This is a stunning cobalt blue that on dark and dusky skin tones would look fabulous. The Bright Sparks array of the Maybelline Color Show brings a bright color pop to your nails. Inspired by New York Fashion Week, India’s top beauty bloggers have hand-picked the shades of this collection.

This shade of cobalt blue is so beautiful; we cannot keep our eyes away from it. It comes with a black cap and a clear bottle in the classic Maybelline packaging. The brush is flat and very simple to apply. Nail polish consistency is a perfect balance. It’s neither too thick nor too runny to provide a smooth finish that’s not at all streaky! This color is highly recommended for fall!

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties
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2. Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer, Red Enigma

Colorbar brings trendy colors of the runway to your fingertips globally. It comes in a redesigned, fashion-forward and super-premium glass bottle, this luxurious formulation. It’s enriched with the benefits that take care of your nails Long-lasting, non-yellowing, non-carcinogenic lacquer is not moved to the surface of the nail.

Red Enigma’ is the classic red that matches perfectly every skin tone. There’s practically no one who doesn’t match a good old, high-gloss scarlet. Because of its balanced quality, this Colorbar nail polish is very easy to apply. It’s inexpensive as well. For dark skin tones, reds look incredibly good. You don’t even need to wear red for a specific season!

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties
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3. Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color, Purple Orchid

The Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist every day helps to create the luster of the red carpet. These are perfect for any event with their high color delivery and reflective glitter finish. This dark tint of the berry looks hot on darker tones of the skin.

The’ Purple Orchid ‘ hue is a deep shade of the plum. It’s a black or navy blue option, rather feminine. This nail polish from Lakme comes with a black cap in a clear 15 ml bottle. It’s easy to apply and gives a gel-like finish, but the only problem I’ve had with it is how drying takes a long time. However, for winter and fall, Purple Orchid is definitely a great shade.

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties
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4. Maybelline Color Show Nail Enamel, Coral Craze

It’s time to show off your true colors with the vivid array of Color Show Nail Lacquers from Maybelline. The choice of colors inspired by the runway will help you stand out and make a bold statement of style. In a single coat, the shiny surface appears opaque.

This subtle shade of golden orange or coral will be just as popular as its counterpart–Electric Orange. For summers, this shade is a great color. The only thing with shades like these is that they need to be treated with extra care and consistency, or they’re going to look streaky and patchy. So be vigilant when applying.

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties
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5. Maybelline New York Color Show, Big Apple Nail Paint, 204 Juicy Red

A trend from the runways straight! Get your feet swept away with a beautiful gel-like finish that remains. Let your fingers speak as the growing array of fashions meets the elegance of the Maybelline.

The hue of’ Juicy Red’ has a beautiful metallic texture. It gives in one swipe opaque color and dries fast. The hue, as its name suggests, is, in reality, a juicy red, similar to an apple. The packaging is similar to the black cap and cylindrical glass bottle Maybelline Color Display packaging. This shade on dusky skin tones will look great and is ideal for fall!

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties
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7. L’Oreal Paris Nail Paint, 550 Rouge Sauvage

The nail polish from L’Oreal Paris comes with an intense color and an elegant shine of oil. It is filled with a combination of precious oils for the most sophisticated paint and shine-in – one stroke. The flexible brush makes it easy and accurate to use.

The perfect red shade Rouge Sauvage looks classy and chic all year round! It’s one hue on all skin tones that will look beautiful. The best part about this nail polish is the perfect, shiny finish that looks like you’ve just left the salon. Highly recommended! Make sure other shades in this range are checked out because they’re all so pretty!

Nail Polishes For Dark Skin Beauties
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These are some of the nail polishes for dark skin beauties

The darker the skin tone, the more shades you can wear, according to top nail experts. Be bold, go nude or show off your metallics and express your style through those nails! Steer clear of very light nail polish shades, however, as these will give a washed-out look to your hands.

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