Know The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

Know The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms
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School uniforms are available in all sizes and help students feel unified. Yet not every parent wants to send his child in a uniform to school. Many schools in the USA today promote for the students the idea of a uniform, but many private and public institutions feel otherwise in the country. Children wearing school uniforms are believed to perform better at school and have an enhanced sense of safety. There is not a correct answer, however, whether or not children should wear a school uniform. In this article, we have come up with certain pros and cons of school uniforms. This will help you decide whether you should buy a school uniform for your child or not!

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms 

When the wearing of school uniforms really began, there is no clear record. However, this tradition has definitely persisted for decades. What do you think of school uniforms? This list of pros and cons of school uniforms could help you to decide on your stand.

Pros Of School Uniforms 

Here is a list of some pros of school uniforms for kids:

1. Uniform create uniformity

One of the main benefits of using school uniforms for children is that it offers school students a sense of belonging and cohesion. Kids wear similar uniforms every day and have a common identity and do not compete with those that wear expensive or fashionable clothes. If there is a uniform, children who do not have the opportunity to wear expensive clothing will not feel insecure.

Know The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

2. Give a sense of belonging and pride

A uniform is a symbol of your school. This is particularly useful for students who study at schools that are known or regarded as a top school in the town. You should wear your uniform proudly and ‘show’ people that you go to a good school.

3. Better discipline

Students are responsible for school uniforms to ensure that their appearances are smart and clean. It introduces culture and discipline. One study found that consistent policies improve attendance, degree, and suspension rates. In addition, since a compulsory program was introduced, a 74% reduction has been observed in the number of discipline references at one school in Albuquerque.

In addition, school uniforms have been found to concentrate on the psychological energy of students on their academics instead of appearances. For example, students appeared to be more punctual in uniforms as they spent less time choosing what to wear in the morning.

4. Safer school environment

Uniforms at school make it easy to recognize students. It would thus help to mark every suspicious person who does not wear a school uniform. Uniforms will, however, also minimize crimes committed themselves by students. One study found that the adoption of a uniform policy in schools led to 63% in the reports of police logs.

Uniforms also prohibit gang signs or colors associated with them from being displayed. As many gang cultures are bound to their appearance, the criminal identity decreases.

Know The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

5. Prevent bullying

One of the most common reasons for bullying is the way children dress. Children who dress differently or can not afford branded clothing are mocked and discriminated against. Uniforms in schools can help to stop the problem.

6. Children Focus More on Education

If you are less anxious and concerned about the way you look, a child will spend more time in school. In addition, it was determined according to one of the studies that student scores improved following the introduction of uniforms at school.

7. Uniforms help to maintain a list of children during off-campus journeys

When on or off-campus visits, it is easier for the teacher when they are dressed in their school uniforms to keep an overview of the students. It also decreases the risk of students disappearing, because the teacher or even the passerby can easily identify anyone who goes from the campus.

Cons Of School Uniforms 

Here is a list of some cons of school uniforms for kids:

1. Cost and Maintenance

Without support from schools and governments for parents to buy school uniforms, parents are borne by unnecessary financial burdens. Although they may not be very costly, the costs for poorer families may be substantial. Therefore, school uniform opponents believe it is for business rather than for educational reasons.

School uniforms often have a sharp and clean look. So white shirts, socks, pants or shoes are usually the staples. Sadly, it also takes more effort to get them in pristine white condition. Parents and students will spend more time cleaning and maintaining them.

2. Uniform take away individuality and freedom of expression

Learning to express oneself is a right that most parents want to learn from their children. They may feel oppressed and discouraged to grow a personality by not allowing children to demonstrate their individuality by the way they dress.

3. Discomfort

While the uniforms may appear clean and tidy, they may not be as comfortable as casual wear. Some schools have developed into comfortable khakis or polos. Many schools still need the use of shirts, ties, and blazers for their students. Depending on the weather, the focus of students in the class can be uncomfortable and therefore distract.

Furthermore, many traditional uniforms continue to be gender separated. Students are wearing shorts and pants while students are wearing skirts. Some argue that for girls this is sexist and impractical. In addition, uniforms may not fit or suit all types of bodies. For those with different types of bodies, this may cause self-esteem and self-image problems.

Know The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

4. Hamper a child’s decision-making skills

By imposing the rules and pressuring children to be uniformed, we take away their right to decide for themselves. Kids should be able to decide for themselves. You won’t be in a position to make decisions on them if you make laws and regulations and expect them to obey your own judgment.

5. May cause resentment among students

Not everyone likes to wear uniforms. They may not be pleased with the fact that every day they wear the same clothing and they want to dress up. But a child may be resented if he needs to wear a uniform every day. He may not like his school, his teachers, or even his parents.

6. It could cause outside bullying

School pride and competition are something that most students take really badly. They can taunt or scare children belonging to a rival school that can easily be identified through uniforms.

Know The Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

So, these are some of the pros and cons of school uniforms that could help you to decide on your stand.

Talks and debates will also take place as to whether or not children will wear school uniforms. As a parent, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of children’s school uniforms before deciding to send your child to a school where uniforms are compulsory.

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