Know The Benefits Of Yoga For Kids

know the benefits of yoga for kids
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In recent years, yoga has become quite the mainstream for adults, but have we ever considered sharing the practice with our children? Yoga can benefit children substantially, and in some ways, possibly even more than it feeds adults. The main aim of the children’s yoga programs is to make them learn to acknowledge their bodies, to be more disciplined in their behavior and to be more calm to focus and concentrate in a better way. It makes them physically and mentally powerful when practiced over a period of time and increases their overall health and wellness.

Why yoga is important for kids?

With the availability of so many distractions in the form of gadgets and toys, children in today’s day and age are overly stimulated. This has a deep impact on their period of attention and level of concentration. Another significant cause of concern for parents today is low immunity due to unhealthy eating practices and pollution. It’s impossible to stop the quickly changing world. The only answer to this issue is by empowering the children to deal with it. Also, there are various poses and benefits of yoga for kids which is good for your kid’s health.

Yoga is a blessing to humanity and it is no longer possible to reiterate the significance of yoga for children in solving these issues. Children are usually very fast to learn, so integrating yoga activities into their routine early in life can be a good way for them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

When practiced frequently, there are countless benefits of yoga for kids. Some of them are here:

  • It can be an efficient method for children to calm down. An easy workout in watching their pattern of breathing can enhance their focus, attention, and calmness.
  • It can assist them to create their body’s favorable self-image and offer them control over their flexibility and agility.
  • Asanas like the suryanamaskar enhance their capacity to balance their body that acts to them indirectly as a meditative posture.
  • Holding the focus to remain in a certain posture is particularly useful for children as they take measures towards self-control in their child.
  • Channelized breathing patterns, prescribed in the different pranayamas, enhance immunity and energize the body. This protects them against upper respiratory issues that have become prevalent among today’s kids.
  • Some asanas greatly enhance their core strength by correcting their postural issues.
  • Some yoga postures are specifically intended to satisfy their unique therapeutic requirements for kids with autism spectrum disorders.

Effective Yoga Poses for Children

1. Virabhadrasana 1 Or Warrior Pose: 

Vira is brave, Bhadra is auspicious, and asana is posture. This asana is established by an Indian god named Veerabhadra, one of the many names of Lord Shiva. This is one of the asanas we’ve got the most grateful. This asana enables the legs and the core to be strengthened. The chest and shoulders are stretched. By doing this asana, children who complain about backaches can find relief.

benefits of yoga for kids
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2. Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose:

Dhanurasana strengthens the back muscles and helps to improve posture. By doing this asana, the whole body is stretched. It is one of the three main back exercises. Before doing this exercise, your stomach and bowel should be empty. The best time is the morning to do this asana.

benefits of yoga for kids
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3. Tadasana Or Mountain Pose:

Tadasana is the base or mother of asanas because from this yoga asana all the other standing asanas emerge. At any moment of the day you wish, you can exercise this asana. You can do this asana with or without an empty stomach, but you should be empty if you continue to do other asanas after this. This asana should be avoided by people with high blood pressure or performed with some support.

benefits of yoga for kids
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4. Tree Pose

This posture of yoga, as the name indicates, is like a tree. In this posture, the kid is made to stand in one leg and then fold the other leg’s knee to position it above the leg’s thigh used to balance the body’s weight. The arms are drawn up in the’ namaskar’ position with the fingers folded. For a few minutes, the kid balances the weight on one arm and then repeats the same with the other leg.

benefits of yoga for kids
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5. Cobra Pose:

In this asana, you give your back a perfect stretch, which strengthens and promotes sturdiness.

benefits of yoga for kids
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6. Adho Mukhasvanasana – The Dog Pose

This pose is a reflection of the dog’s posture stretching itself. It includes balancing inverted’ U ‘ place the weight on the legs and the hand. The child is urged to tuck in the toes facing inside in this posture, lift the hips as much as possible and push the chest inside well. The hanging head is extended inward.

benefits of yoga
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7. Baddha Konasana – The Butterfly Pose

This asana’s name can be very interesting for children as it imitates a butterfly’s action. The kid is made to sit on a flat surface with legs spread in front of him to exercise this asana. Then the knees are bent inward, parallel to the ground to touch each other’s feet soles. The soles are then held firmly with the hands, flapping the knees up and down like a butterfly’s wing.

benefits of yoga
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8. Setu Bandhasana – The Bridge Pose

The pose is like an inverted U, where the upper body is bent like a bridge. The child is first made to lie on a flat surface on their back to do this asana. The legs are then folded in an inverted V form and the hands are folded backward and put close to the head. Then the hips are lifted as softly as possible above the floor.

benefits of yoga
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These are some of the poses and benefits of yoga for kids, which your kid easily learns and do on a daily basis.

Due to the enhanced knowledge among individuals about the advantages of yoga, family yoga programs are on the increase today. The new generation which will shape the future of the world must be shielded from all unwanted technological effects. The only alternative to this is to go back to the origins to circumvent this issue, and there is no better way than yoga.

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