Relaxation Exercises And Techniques For Children

Relaxation Exercises And Techniques For Children
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Relaxation Exercises And Techniques For Children

Does your child’s examination season have sleepless nights? Would you like your child to become a smart learner? Well, if you’re a worried mother who wishes to make sure your child’s mental and physical well-being reading this article is helpful. You may already have heard of the many advantages of relaxation techniques. You may have attempted to let some steam off and relax as well. But wait, meditation for children? Yes! You read it correctly! For young kids, meditation can have an enormously beneficial effect. Want to learn more about children’s relaxation techniques? Go ahead with your reading!

Can meditation help children?

Meditation can help increase children’s attention span. Moreover, some sources also claim that meditation can help to reduce stress, improve memory, contain aggressiveness, control anxiety, improve relationships at home and school, and even bring children inner peace.

How can children be initiated into meditation?

Introducing your child to meditation early in life is a great idea! For children, here are five simple relaxing techniques.

1. Steps In The Sky

This is one of the coolest techniques for relaxing kids. The best time to do this exercise is night.

  • Ask your child to keep his eyes closed and stay still. Allow him to imagine the drifting clouds lying outside in an open area.
  • Now ask him to imagine the various shapes of the clouds. It may be his favorite stuff’s shapes!
  • Then ask him to imagine a cloud ladder that begins where he lies and ends up in the sky.
  • Ask him with every step to climb the ladder and relax. He can also build in the clouds a secret hide-out!

2. Focused Breathing:

Focused breathing is an easy relaxation exercise that can be encouraged when your child feels anxious to practice it.

  • Ask your child to sit comfortably on his chest and put one hand on his stomach.
  • Ask him to close his eyes, relax all his muscles and take a few minutes of deep breathing.
  • Say to your child that when he breathes, his stomach rises and falls. Ask him to imagine that every time he exhales, his stress and worries will leave him.

3. Exercise before Examination:

What could be better than asking your child to follow a simple technique of relaxation right before his stressful examinations?

  • Ask your kid to sit in the exam room and relax.
  • Encourage him to take profound breaths slowly and concentrate on his breathing entirely.
  • Ask him to relax his neck, back, shoulder, and jaw muscles.
  • Then ask him to view himself calmly as a confident and motivated student writing the test.

4. Bubbles of Happy Thought:

This is one of the children’s most fun relaxing exercises. Your kid is going to have a lot of families.

  • Explain the relationship between deep breathing and relaxation to your kid before the workout. Tell him that every deep breath is like a silent message for the body to relax.
  • Now get a blower of bubbles and ask your kid to breathe deeply and blow bubbles out. Then ask him to put in every bubble a happy thought. It might be an idea that your kid looks forward to or likes.
  • This relaxation session can be done by your kid in a group to add some fun and cheer!

5. Progressive relaxation of the muscles

Progressive muscle relaxation for both adults and kids is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

  • Ask your kid in a comfortable place to sit or lie down. He could even close his eyes.
  • Beginning with the face, ask him alternatively to tense and relax the muscles in various areas of his body.
  • Encourage your kid to see how his mind and body are rejuvenated after following this easy method.

Now you understand some easy tricks to help de-stress your kid. So, why wait for that? Go ahead and assist your kid to become a beneficial person.

Try these relaxation techniques for kids and tell us what specific activity worked wonders for your kid.

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