Know About Colic In Babies

Colic In Babies
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Hello new parents, Is your baby is also crying continuously without any apparent reason? It may be because your baby is Colicky.  It can be a huge challenge for parents to calm a colicky baby. 

What is Colic?

It’s very normal for babies to cry as it’s the only way for babies to communicate at this tender age for their needs. And as a parent, you make all the efforts to fulfill your baby needs. But what if when your baby is crying continuously without any reason if after fulfilling your newborn baby need. This excessive crying is called Colic, where a baby is crying last up to 3 or more hours, for 3 or more days in a week.

But, the good news is colic doesn’t last. This will stop suddenly. Colic in babies start around 6 weeks of age and gets better by six months of age.  

Symptoms & Cause Of  Colic:

To know whether your baby is colic or not, you can be diagnosed with rules of three

  • Excessive crying last up to 3 hours or more.
  • crying occur at least 3 days a week
  • Crying at least 3 weeks in a row.

There are also some additional symptoms of Colic.

  • Everyday you baby cry at the same time.
  • Crying without any apparent reason
  • Pulling his legs, clench his fists can be a reason of Colic
  • Bowel activity increases
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Medical Treatment Of Colic:

Usually colic doesn’t require any medical treatment but there are some measure that prescribed by doctor to treat colic. 

  1. Gas relief drops: Your doctor may prescribe gas relief drop or colic medicine to ease out colic in your baby. You can also give gripe water to relieve gas in babies.
  2. Probiotics: Giving probiotics is beneficial for your babies as it keeps your baby’s intestine healthy. If your child experiencing any abdominal discomfort then your baby’s doctor may prescribe probiotics. These added dose of probiotics can be giving through breast milk or formula milk.
  3. Change in Formula Feed: Colic can be occur due to the allergy of formula milk. So , in this case doctor may recommend a non-milk based formula. This is lighter on your baby’s stomach and also digested easily.
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When to consult a Doctor: 

Colic is not disease and if you notice some signs then seek medical help immediately.

  • If you notice any traces of blood in your baby’s stool or your baby develop diarrhea.
  • If your baby is suffering from fever with more than 100 Fahrenheit temperature.
  • Often doing vomiting
  • If you notice your baby is mostly sick.
  • Your baby is not gaining weight properly

Colic baby is difficult to handle but as a parent stay calm and put every effort to soothe you baby. Colic is just a phase so don’t panic and don’t get frustrate.

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Colicky babies are difficult to handle, but you have to stay calm. Also seek help from friends and family if you feel exhausted. Never hit your baby in frustration as this leads to injuries or traumas in babies. Consult your baby’s doctor if you find it difficult to manage.




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