How To Stay Happy while being Single?

Being Single
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Stay Happy while being Single:


In a relationship, happiness is not about being committed, happiness depends on us. We may have different perceptions of happiness. But what matters most is you at the end of the day, being able to show curve as red as mature fruit on those lips.

Being single is not a weakness of being unable to find a relationship, so having the patience to wait for the right relationship is a strength. Never let yourself be confused about being lonely as your happiness is not dependent on your relationship status.

Love can be a bloodcurdling path to go down, yet many people still love to go down that path because they all believe that love is patient. Love is kind… it always protects. Trust always. Hopes always. Always persevere. And love will never fail. And even if you know you’re going to crash at the end, you’re not going to bother thinking twice, but still, get into the car with the one you love all over again because love is a combination of bitter and sweet feeling.

That even if you get hurt a million times, even if your heart crashed shoddily or if you walked on that thorn-filled aisle just to be with the one you love. You’re never going to get tired, never worry about loving and getting hurt.

That’s the love cycle, we may have different reasons why we’ve chosen to stay alone, but it’s time we’re all ready to face the love consequences. So, if you choose to be single right now, be happy enough. Because it only means that your knight in shiny armor has just lost his way to your house, or perhaps God is saving you the best. You just need to be patient, be positive, or follow these tips on how to maintain a happy life while you’re single.


1. Practice To Love Yourself:


You deserve to be loved not only by those people around you but also by Yourself, of course. Being single is a chance to concentrate on yourself and look deep within yourself. In fact, first falling in love with yourself is the most important relationship you need to deal with. So do a favor for yourself, hug yourself and start loving yourself more. How do I do it? Here are some basic tips for practicing self-love.

Embrace Yourself:

The process of loving yourself begins with your true nature being recognized and appreciated. Know that there are negative and positive sides for everyone. Learn to embrace and love all those things that make you different by making them special.

Promote yourself:

Positive statements every day can help you feel happier every day. You can say to yourself: “I’m smart.” “I can do this.” “I’m beautiful.” Say anything that will make you smile and make you feel appreciated.

Pardon yourself:

Accept the fact that you’re not perfect, you make mistakes and failures in life, but when you do it all, never be too harsh on yourself. Be willing to embrace your imperfections and simply remember that failures are lessons to learn.

Secure yourself.

Do not allow the wrong people to stumble into your life, but bring the right people into your life. You deserve to be surrounded by people who truly love you, not by those who enjoy your pain and loss. Get rid of TOXIC people, do not waste your effort and time entertaining people who just want to take away their happiness and success. Know the value of it.

Treat yourself.

Spend more time with yourself, indulge in food, or buy clothes for yourself. This will help you explore more about yourself, take you on a journey to learn things about yourself, and also make you appreciate yourself as being authentic.


2. Look at the positive side of life:


If you distance yourself from negative vibes, beautiful things will actually happen. If you look at life with a positive side, you’ll live better and longer. Being pessimistic wouldn’t help you achieve a good outlook in life; it only sees the difficulty in every opportunity while being optimistic sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Optimism is a magnet of happiness, so if you want to be happy in life, you will surely be attracted to stay positive, good things and good people.


3. Consider the financial advantages of being Single:


It’s not stressful to be single because you no longer have to worry about the needs or desire of a partner. On special occasions, you don’t have someone to buy chocolates, flowers or teddy bears if you don’t want to buy them for yourself. So, while you’re single, you can really save money compared to those in a relationship. Instead of spending money on a major other people, why not spend it on yourself or save it for the future.


4. Spend more time with family:


It will help you to feel happy surrounding yourself with supportive people. Remember always that you don’t just need to be happy in an intimate relationship. Your family’s love and support for yours is already sufficient to keep you happy. They are the one you can trust, and in times you need someone to lean on you can rely on.


5. Take your career into consideration:


Why don’t you focus only on your dreams instead of talking about how unlucky you are in a relationship. When you finally achieve it, the more hard you work for it, the more happiness you feel. If you continue to focus on your relationship problem, you are more unhappy. But you will certainly have more opportunities if you focus on your career. Your success is your happiness, so invest in yourself if you really want to succeed.


Take the time to love God and love yourself first, and when God knows that you are ready for the responsibility of commitment, under the right circumstances he will reveal the right person. Let him go into your life, your heart, and it’s all going to be perfect. The plan of God will always be greater and more beautiful than your life deceptions. All you have to do is trust him.


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