Eat Your Fats Perfectly !

Eat Your Fats Perfectly

Dietary fat is the macro-nutrients which are essential for continuous energy and makes you go all day so reliably. There is nothing to be feared about Fats if they are of High Quality and optimal (20-25%). Healthy Fat is good for development hence you must know what should be included in your diet to get your body charged with loads of health and energy.

1. Nuts: Almond, walnuts, groundnuts should be eaten roasted. It is said that people who eat nuts have lesser chances of various diseases including obesity.

2. Dark Chocolates: Yes you heard it right. You can have chocolates while making your diet healthy. Dark chocolates have fiber, iron, magnesium and lots of antioxidants. You can please your taste buds and have it 5 times a week.3. Coconut: Coconuts and coconut oil have the highest percentage of saturated fats when compared to any other thing on the earth. They tend to reduce appetite and help to burn fat deposited in the body especially towards the belly.4. Cheese: A single slice of cheese in a day is equivalent to a glass of milk. It has a high source of protein, calcium and vitamin B12. 5. Chia seeds: These seeds have tremendous health benefits as it contains fibers and omega 3s. Hence they have anti-inflammatory properties along with other health benefits such as reducing blood pressure hence they can become best friends to the person having heart problems.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This is again a heart-friendly thing that tends to benefit the person having heart problems in many ways as it is rich in vitamin E, K, and antioxidants.

7. Full Fat Yogurt: Live bacteria aka probiotics make yogurt bliss for the digestive system. Homemade sugar-free yogurts are best and can be consumed daily also by heart patients.


Image credits: Pixabay