Why Parents Choose European Formula For Babies

Why Parents Choose European Formula For Babies
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These days, there are quite a few choices on the market when it comes to baby formula. You have not only various brands manufactured in the United States but also more parents flocking to European brands. We’re going to delve into what the fuss is all about when it comes to European baby formulas and whether they’re really worth it. Read on to know why parents choose European formula for babies.

What Is European Baby Formula?

European Baby Formula is a formula made in Europe with European ingredients. The formulas, similar to those used in the US, are developed and formulated with the intention of substituting or supplementing breast milk. Although not approved by the FDA, the European Baby Formula is controlled by the European Commission. Standards are much higher, and baby formulas made in Europe are said to be made from cow’s milk living in biodynamic farms.

Why Parents Choose European Formula For Babies
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Difference Between the US and European Formula

Farming activities in the US and in Europe are different. In Europe, animals from which they derive their milk are often fed with grass, so their consistency is higher than what you will find in the USA. Typically, the cows in the United States have corn in their diets. There is a disparity between organic formula and grass-fed formula when it comes to infant formula in the US. The European organic formula for babies is also a grass-fed formula. This is the perfect situation because it is the most natural and safe choice.

What many parents like, is that in Europe you can also get a baby formula which includes goat milk as the basis of the formula. In the US, it’s mostly cow’s milk.

For various points, the formulas are made in Europe. In the US, babies of all ages have one formula.

Why Parents Choose European Formula For Babies

Although American baby formula is healthy and has led to the quick and healthy growth of many infants, parents choose the European brand because they have much better positive health benefits. Some reasons why parents love them are here:

1. European formulas more closely resemble breast milk

The main carbohydrate found in breastmilk is lactose. However, there are many brands in the US that use processed sweeteners.

The whey can also be used in European formulae. This is significant since the base of cow’s milk can be made identical to the breast milk protein of human breast milk.

Even the mixture of fats they use is particularly formulated to balance breast-milk fats. European formulas also contain probiotics as well.

2. Lower chances for diabetes and obesity in the European Formula

The sweetness of milk is derived from lactose. As lactose in its formula is often kept by the European brands, no artificial sweetener is needed. In the U.S., sweeteners are mostly refined and long-term unhealthy. The organic US brands use healthier ingredients, but for European brands, it is a standard requirement.

3. The European Formulas Are Healthier

Although the US formulas are also safe, Europe’s formulas are preferred by many parents because they know that when they are on European formulas, their children are less concerned with health. The formulas on your child’s system are more gentle.

4. The European Baby Formulas have higher requirements for organic ingredients

When it comes to making sure their baby formula is organic, the European Commission is much stricter than the US. The way the ingredients are regulated in the United States is that they just set out a broad guideline that must be followed. Ingredients should be contamination-free and their principal concern is to be safe to use. The FDA does not often lay down specific rules for which fats, proteins, and carbohydrates may be used, which is why ingredients such as corn syrup are also manufactured by US brands.

In Europe, there should be no sucrose in any formula which has the milk solids intact. For some of the other ingredients, they often have more detailed specifications.

Although some use is made of GMO ingredients in US products, European formulations are always organic.

Why Parents Choose European Formula For Babies
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Is It Safe for Your Child?

Although European formulas are usually safe to use, there are a few risks to bear in mind. The greatest danger would be that the formulations would be made in phases. What this actually means is that they have a different formula for children from birth to six months of age. For those who are six months to 12 months, they have a different formula, and for those who are weaned on solid food, and considered as infants. But you need to make sure that you buy the correct stage for your baby if you purchase European baby formula. You do not under-nourish or overdose your baby in those components if you do not.

There may also be issues, such as reading the list of ingredients. There is a difference in language in different countries of Europe, so you can get the list of ingredients in English depending on the country which made the formula. You will have to translate, for example, the German baby formula into German, so that you will very much know what the stage is and what the ingredients are.

Since the European formulas are imported, if the supplier abruptly shuts down, there may be a risk that your baby would be left without his or her daily formula. It is really tough on their systems if babies have to switch food unexpectedly.

You should make sure you do well study where to buy the European Baby Formula from. If you would like to purchase a European formula for babies. It is not approved by the FDA and will not be found in the majority of stores. Make sure that your pediatrician makes your decision, particularly if your child has special dietary needs.

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