Want To Know The Best Netflix Shows For Kids?

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?
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The introduction of Netflix, a video streaming service, has revolutionized our television watching habits in India. Netflix India is poised to be the one-stop destination for viewers with a wide range of interesting programs for every age group. And, where kids have plenty of time to spare during school breaks, Netflix will save them from boredom. Keep scrolling down to for best Netflix shows for kids that are educational and extremely fun to watch.

Best Netflix Shows For Kids

Here is a list of the best Netflix show for kids according to their age.

Netflix Shows For Preschoolers

1. Care Bears and Cousins

Featuring a lovely gang of adorable bears — Grumpy, Cheer, Wonder, Share, Tender, Harmony, and Funshine, as well as their cousins— Brave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon, Cozy Heart Penguin, and Lotsa Heart Elephant. This series is a marvelous journey of friendship and togetherness. Each character has a unique inscription in the belly symbolizing a certain personality to which a child may refer. Simple emotions and honest sharing of messages can allow your preschool students to learn these positive features when they are having fun.

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?

2. Ask the Storybots

It is an entertaining and informative animated show that your preschooler would enjoy so much. It has fun little creatures known as Storybots. These animals answer curious children’s questions, like “Why the sky is blue? “Or” Where comes the rain? “The characters turn up like puppets and in live-action in various fascinating formats like 2D, 3D, and clay animations. Your children can learn basic concepts in a fun way through the beautifully illustrated visuals and the fascinating topics covered in this program. It’s certainly a perfect show to be watched with your always curious little kid.

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?

Netflix Shows For 5 To 10-Year-Olds

1. The Magic School Bus Rides Again 

As the Magic Bus of School rode the grey box of a sweet sound from the opening song of Little Richard in our living room 25 years ago, we were really excited about the future at the highpoint of our primary school story. Now you will be able to relive the magic with your own children and Kate McKinnon’s little sister Fiona on the wheel. The original is still absolutely different, and wonderful guest stars and boring field trips through the microscopic, interstellar, cretaceous, and much of our space period continues to provide a solid STEM rundown for any age group. Furthermore, this time the opening titles of Lin-Manuel Miranda serenade us. Everyone, seat belts!

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?

2. One Strange Rock

This amazing science film is about the mysterious rock we all call the earth, our home. Presented by the Hollywood star Will Smith, this show contains stunning images that illustrate the complex natural worlds. Eight former astronauts staying at the International Space Station and scientists from around the world share a shared viewpoint. Your kid will know how the Planet has been shaped and how it stays alive and healthy in the galactic conditions. It’s a great way to instill a love of science for your kids.

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?

Netflix Shows For 9 To 12 Years Old

1. Nova

This series, which began in 1975, fits in with the bill if you are looking for a great learning resource for your youngest. A recipient of many honors, including the Science Journalism Honours from Emmy, Peabody, and Westinghouse, Nova produces beautiful documentaries on diverse subjects that are fun to a learner. The intriguing titles surely will involve your child from ‘Lizardkings’ to ‘Dogs decoded,’ and from ‘Iceman reborn’ to ‘Rise of the Robots.’ This series helps your child to cultivate a scientific attitude by introducing complex science concepts in an easy-to-understand format and is, therefore, a must-watch.

2. Zion

This inspiring documentary from Zion Clark, a high school wrestler who was born without hands, could teach your kid one of the best inspiring lessons in life. Given to wrestling by its mentor Gil Donahue, tormented at an abusive childhood. Over the years, through sheer strength, dedication, and stamina, he has earned multiple laurels. To order for Zion to face the challenges of life, the way he overcomes his demotivation and troubled past will give your child the requisite self-confidence to follow and accomplish its dreams. This show is going to infuse your child’s positivity!

Netflix Shows For Teens

1. The Story Of Us With Morgan Freeman

This series  hosted by Morgan Freeman discusses several universal concepts that characterize human life, through shows such as ‘The March of freedom’ and ‘The Power of Love.’ The show provides a closer look at citizens from around the world’s social and personal life experiences. It includes people from various parts of society — from ordinary people to celebrities. Your young people will have an opportunity to learn a great deal from their experience, including qualities such as resilience, good-nourishment, loyalty, and energy. It can’t teach your kid the importance of humanity better than this one.

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?
2. Gilmore Girls

Focusing on the friendship between one single mother, Lorelai, and her teenage daughter, Rory, Gilmore Girls challenges the teen with her stunning blend of drama and comedy. Mum and daughter feel more like friends. They go through a multitude of emotional activities that include family, friendship, and romance together. Your teen will draw much inspiration from Rory, who handles various circumstances of life with effortless ease and positivity. But Gilmore Girls is the series to watch if you’re looking for a way to talk to your teen about everything from family dynamics to relationship problems. Probably a powerful ice-breaker.

Want To Know Best Netflix Shows For Kids?

These are some best Netflix shows for kids that are educational and extremely fun to watch.

While holidays are all about playing outside, your child still needs to spend some time away from the sun in your company. And, with Netflix giving you the chance to pick what you want to watch. There be a better chance of bonding together over some interesting TV shows?

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