How To Set Parental Control On Netflix?

How To Set Parental Control On Netflix?
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Netflix is a popular video streaming service and has over 100 million subscribers in the United States. At first, Netflix would deliver DVDs and film rentals to you, but now it’s on-line streaming and your library and services have been expanded. These days, we are able to access their subscription service via web browsers, tablets, and most mobile devices. Unlike Netflix for adults, Netflix has its own fair share of children’s tv programs, movies, and cartoons. And every day, thousands of titles are added to your collection. Many educational videos are also available and you can encourage your children to use a Netflix account by setting up an account for them. Scroll down for step by step guide to set parental control on Netflix.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online entertainment service from the United States that lets you watch your favorite shows on mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and TVs. It lets you add your favorite shows to your “list” for later watching, from award-winning TV shows to documentaries, films, and more. You get ad-free streaming when you order a subscription and even Netflix allows first-time users free testing.

The Netflix algorithm can recommend a new series based on what you have seen before. You can filter shows by genre. Netflix is now very much respected after hit shows from big Television networks to their ever-expanding list, such as The Flash, Gray’s Anatomy, Daredevil, and Iron Fist, etc. Some of the Netflix series have special episodes worth looking at.

Popular Netflix shows for children include Inazuma Eleven, Ninja Hattori, Beyblade Burst, Free Rein, and Raising Dion. Before watching a series, search your Netflix accounts for the age rating and set up parental control.

How To Set Parental Control On Netflix?
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Step By Step Guide To Set Parental Control On Netflix

Configuring parental control on Netflix should ensure that your child has no access to inappropriate or insufficient materials. Before you set up your child’s Netflix profile level parental control, ensure that you speak to them to understand why you are doing it.

If you set Netflix account limits, children can not access the displays/films until they enter the 4-digit PIN. This is an excellent way to prevent them from viewing and retaining censored content.

Now that you don’t get that right, here is how you use Netflix’s parental lock and controls.

How To Set Parental Control On Netflix?
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How To Make a Netflix Profile for Your Child

Here are the steps you need to take when setting up parental control at the account level for the Netflix profile of your child.

  • Sign on to, and move to the far right. Tap the Add Profile icon, and enter the name of your child
  • Click on Continue and go to section Manage Profiles. Find the pencil icon and press.
  • A drop-down menu is available for Permitted TV Shows and Movies
  • You have four options to choose from: For Little Children only (kids’ films, nature shows, cartoons, etc.), For Younger Kids And Below (cartoon action, PG-rated films and television shows), for Teens And Below, (shows with more graphic content, gore, and violence), and All Maturity Levels  (no limits on the viewing of your profile)
  • Select and save the changes for Little Kids Only. Netflix profile is now set up for your kid.

How To Create A Netflix PIN Passcode

Here’s what you need to know about creating your website with a new Netflix PIN passcode:

  • Login to to view your profile
  • From the dropdown menu, click on Account. Switch to section Settings and press option Parental Controls. You will get a message demanding that your password be re-entered. Key this in and go to the next screen.
  • The Parental PIN will be shown and you will be asked to enter a PIN. Key in the 4-digit unique PIN.
  • You can toggle the slider under Restrict by Maturity Level and set the maturity level to each of the following – Little Children, Older Children, Teens, and Adults. You can also change Netflix’s age limits later on.
  • Under Restrict Specific Titles, you can select the show that the PIN must be entered before it is available for viewing, irrespective of the maturity rating.

You can rely on services from third parties to help you track the activity of your children’s devices if the establishment of parental controls is not enough and you need an additional level of protection. They have additional parental controls, such as limiting viewing time for specific apps and keeping a log of text messages, videos, and chats. On your Netflix page, you can also check your child’s watch history and access the showlist. Such logs would provide information of when you saw your shows, from which location you signed in to your account, and what devices you used to login to.

Don’t leave your kid in the dark in the end. Make sure they understand why such content is limited and state that they will have access to it in the correct ages. In this way, they do not cheat or try to find their way through your parental control.

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