Are You An Overprotective Parent?

Overprotective Parents
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Are You An Overprotective Parent?


Am I a parent that is overprotective? Did you ask that question yourself, fearing what the answer would be? If you have, you’re likely to be one. While being overprotective reflects your love, it can have the opposite effect of what you intend to do as well.

Of course, you desire to protect your kids. We all do. But are you turning into an overprotective dad or mum who in reality may additionally be hindering your kid’s full potential? Watch out for the signs and symptoms that you are an overprotective guardian and find out what you can do to ease up on the reins.

Overprotective Parent’s Signs:


1. You Protect Them From The Situations Of Life


Children who continuously stay beneath their parents protect can in no way learn to face life’s challenges. They’re so used to mum and dad taking care of everything for them that they always look to their dad and mom for answers. Parents, meanwhile, fail to realize that they’re now not going to be through their children’s aspect forever. If you’re guilty of this, understand that you’re only inhibiting your children’s ability to manage situations on their own. 


2. You Make Their Decisions for Them


If mother and father constantly make choices for their children, they’ll grow up too afraid to take dangers when confronted with any career or life-changing decision and will lack critical existence skills. If you desire to have a say in everything that they do, they will never learn to locate their personal voice. Worse still, they’ll never be allowed an opinion on anything that in reality matters. They get so used to living in a safe corner that coming out of it is challenging to do. As a result, low self-assurance and lack of shallowness take hold, which doesn’t stand them inaccurate stead in real-life situations.


3. You try to create too multiple “safe regions”


Children want to go out into the world and live life a little. They need to make friends, take part in things to do and even discover love on their personalities to experience the actual meaning of life. While dad and mom do imply well by means of attempting to create protected zones for their children, the effect overprotective parenting has is almost continually the opposite. More likely, you’re just preventing them from leading blissful and healthy lives in the long run. 


4. You Protect Them From The Harsh Truths


If you defend your youngsters from the harsh realities of life, they won’t be emotionally successful in handling rejection or failure. A small word of discouragement from a colleague or most fulfilling should decrease them to size and plunge them into depression. When you assist them to improve a thicker skin, they’ll be able to work via disappointments extra easily. Being emotionally robust will assist them to take on the world without being buried by the weight of expectation. 


5.  You Choose Their Companions


There’s a massive distinction between understanding your child’s friends and selecting them yourself. It is not a parent’s job to pick out who their child wants to be buddies with. Even if you feel a buddy is a horrific influence, instead of telling your toddler to drop the friendship, first get to know them better. Then, if your opinion nevertheless doesn’t change, talk to your child and make them understand why they need to distance themselves from that friend. Forcing your infant to cut ties besides giving any reason will solely irritate and enrage them. Worse, simply to rebellion against you, they might even get closer to that pal – without you having any idea! 


6. You Ask A Lot Of Questions


Yes, you have a fundamental notion of what your child does on a day to day basis. After all, an involved father or mother is a smart parent. But it’s trouble if you insist on understanding every little detail about their lives. Not solely will your child resent you for it, but they will additionally get the feeling that you don’t believe them.


7. You Want To Follow Them Everywhere


Want to accompany your child whenever he or she leaves home? If you do not feel comfortable leaving your children in the company of family members and other trusted adults, you are an over-protective parent. Even if we live in a dangerous world, you should refrain from doing so because you only depend on your child. 


8. You Look After All Their Problems


It is one issue to assist your kids and some other aspect to clear up their problems. For instance, if your child is struggling with a maths sum, let them attempt to determine out the reply instead of instantly displaying them how to solve it. Kids experience a sense of accomplishment after they solve a problem all by themselves. Problem-solving additionally helps instill self-belief and self-reliance for later life. 


9. You’re Not Letting Your Child Fail


Whether massive or small, failure is painful. However, it is something all of us should face at some factor in our lives. Shielding your child from failure is solely going to make sure that they will not be capable to deal with it when they grow up. For example, think about that your child has to put up a venture tomorrow, and they haven’t troubled to even start on it. Instead of assisting them or doing it for them, just remind them and stroll away. If they nevertheless don’t do it, let them face the consequences. Rest assured, the next time they will be greater responsible. 


10. You’re Not Respecting Their Privacy


You don’t like it when your kid continues secrets from you, such as a locked drawer, or even something as simple as shutting the door to their room. Privacy is a human need, not a privilege. And simply like every human, your child will have certain ideas and feelings they will not desire to share with anyone, not even you. 


If you answered yes to most of the above points, it is time to reconsider the logic of your parenting. You don’t want to end up driving a wedge between yourself and your kids inadvertently after all, do you?

Discipline is important but space should exist to grow them. You can now make changes as you raise your beloved because you know what an overprotective parent is and how this can impair children’s development.


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