Aai- The woman who empower me

Aai- The woman who empower me

We all have someone in our life who always trusts you, empower you, who believe in you. They may be your family members, friends, teacher, or any person. But the woman who inspires me, my role model, who trust me in every second of my life, belief in me,  who empowers me, is none other than my Mother, my Aai.

Today when I am getting married I realized how much I am grateful to you and I want to thank you for each and everything you have done for me.

Aai the word closest to me the person who gave birth to two dynamic and powerful daughters. Aai itself is a very powerful word.
There are few things that still lie unexpressed and I want you to know….

Do you remember how you used to wait near the gate every day during my school days? I clearly remember the smile on your face when you spot me coming on my bicycle, you take the bag and pull me into a tight hug. But then I used to run away, pushing you aside and grab the tv remote to watch my favorite show. Today, when I get back home from a long hectic schedule, is welcomed by a big lock hanging on the door. Since, your schedule is also busy like me,, since we both are busy with our schedule, but then to nothing has changed between us I still enjoy those teddy bear hugs and a yummy mutton curry which you are made for me when you return home. Being a single mother you look after the whole family like a superwoman.

By profession, you are a recovery agent handling over 800employees who are working under you and still you take all the responsibilities regarding us and your work too.

Fighting your battle alone and looking after the family and as you are not just the role model for me, but for each and every woman who is struggling and fighting for their livelihood.

Nothing can describe my Aai except-
“Aai is not just the word,
Its the word in which the world exists”… 
My mother Geetanjali Shastri 

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