Look Inside For Awesome 1st Birthday Cake Ideas

1st Birthday Cake Ideas
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Birthdays are always special for everyone. But  1st birthday of your baby is always special.  From preparing a guest list to birthday outfit you prepare everything. But what about a birthday cake as there is no birthday without a birthday cake. Choosing a perfect birthday cake for your baby’s 1st birthday is difficult. So, if your baby is about to turn 1 you are in the right place to find a lastest birthday cake for them. 

Theme Cakes For Baby Girl

Cakes for girls came in different shapes like Barbie’s dress, tiaras, Shoes and many more

1.  Princess Cake: Your baby girl is a princess for you and her 1st birthday is the perfect opportunity to show her how precious she is for you.  Colorful layer cake with a Disney princess is ideal for a princess theme party.

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2. Minnie Mouse Cake: We all love the adorable talking mouse. Minnie Mouse Cake well go with Minnie Mouse clubhouse theme party. To add pop up to the cake pink bow is a great option. Also, a black Minnie Mouse Silhouettes in the red or pink cake can also be a good option.

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3. Castle Cakes: Castle cake theme is the best theme for your baby girl first birthday. Castle cake is complete with the little towers and minarets, flowing trellises and a princess figurine. Also, you can customize this cake as per your requirements.

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4. Tiara Cakes: You little girl may not hold tiara, instead add an edible tiara on her cake. These tiaras are made with gum paste and upon drying this will look like a real tiara. More more realistic look add metallic silver. Add some edible colorful gems and diamonds to adorn the tiara.

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Theme Cakes For Baby Boy

1. A Super Hero Cake: As your superhero turn 1 throw a Superhero theme party. You can opt for any superhero like Batman, Captain America, or Spiderman. This theme is best and exciting.

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2. First Ride Cake: Little boy love bikes too. So why not get a cake with a cute tricycle and make your little one happy. Customized your cake by adding some tracks, tricycle.

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3. A Suit  & Tie Cake: Every boy looks smart when dressing in a suit and tie. Make an adorable cake with a suit and tie theme with customization according to your need.

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4. Mickey Mouse Cake: Like Minnie Mouse, we all love Mickey mouse too because of his adorable face and his cute voice. Mickey mouse theme is a safe bet for a 1st birthday. Get a 3 layer cake with black fondant and mouse ears on the top layer, white on the second layer with red bow and red fondant on the last layer. Plan your baby outfit like Mickey mouse to add more excitement.


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Theme Cake for twins:

For twins choosing a cake is more difficult as both the baby like different things. But don’t worry you can choose designs from here for your twins.

Twin Boy and Girl:  For twins also you can choose any of the above themes, But if your twins are from opposite gender then you have to choose 2 different themes based on their gender, likings, and personality. You can go for a 2 in 1 cake for your baby girl and baby boy. Choose princess theme and superhero theme for your both babies and customize it according to your need.

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These are some of the latest theme cakes for your baby’s 1st birthday. So, for your baby’s 1st birthday don’t get confused over the cakes and theme. You can choose any of them.

For twin girl and twin boy you can go for 1 theme and if they like different things then opt 2 themes and customize it accordingly.

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