9 best apps for family

9 App for Families
Image source - Arkansas CTF

These are our favourite apps to help with everything. It helps everyone in the family to stay organized, to keep your kids occupied and even maintaining a healthy happy family.

They’re app-solutely essential!



It makes it fun to brush up on a language you once studied. It may even help you to dip your toe into a new one and then earning points along the way.



Play games that are designed by neuroscientists. They challenge you and will also sharpen your thinking. You can go on picking different brain skills you’d like to (problem solving, memory etc).



It is for your lovey pets. You can help them on their way to Instagram stardom. This app makes noises — like a cat meowing — to grab your furry friend’s attention right before you snap a photo of them. You can add sunglasses or a speech bubble to the picture too.



This community-based navigation app provides real-time traffic updates and road information (including police action and construction delays). The most cutest thing is that you get to design your car icon.



This app tracks speed, distance, weight loss, and much more. A must have for the busy life to keep your health in check.


7 Minute Workout

This app directs you through short, do-anywhere moves (jumping jacks, planks) with rests in between. It will save you the trouble of setting early alarms and fixing a time for your working out. You can go healthier with ease.


Stop, Breathe & Think

You need peace in this fast running world. This app provides the peaceful space you need in everyday life. It focuses on how you want to feel.



We all have been there. Heard an awesome song and wonder what it’s called? This app identifies the tune and directs you to where to buy it. Now isn’t that amazing and satisfying at the same time?



Your family needs holidays in between and it’s a must to keep your sanity. This app has millions of user reviews on hotels, restaurants, and destinations. It will guide you to your perfect vacation.


You can pick the app of your needs and go on with it. It will definitely serve your purpose.