Know the side effect of Milk Tea

Know the side effect of Milk Tea
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Who doesn’t love Tea  Or Chai? A standout amongst the most prominent refreshments on the planet is TEA or CHAI. It comes in a different flavor and a large number of us dependent on it. Huge numbers of us drink more than 5-6 mugs in a day. We heard numerous advantages of tea, however never thought its reaction.

Adding milk and tea together is worse for your health. Consumption of multiple cups of tea is with milk is very harmful to health. So, today we are talking about the side effect of milk tea. 

Milk Tea – Bad Idea For Health
1. Dehydration

Excessive consumption of tea can leads to dehydration. when you consume excess tea, there is also consumption of excess caffeine present in a tea which is harmful to health. This can diminish the assimilation capacities of your tubules, which can abandon you dried out. More than 3 cups in a day can leave you dehydrated. 

2. Pimples

One of the foremost visible milk tea aspect effects for the skin is the looks of pimples – these zits begin to manifest everywhere your body. In tiny quantities, tea will facilitate detoxify your body, however, excess tea generates extreme heat associated creates an imbalance within the body chemicals that lead to a virulent disease of pimples. the foremost affected areas for a virulent disease of pimples caused by over-consumption of tea embrace the face, neck, and chest.

3. Anxiety

While a few teas like chamomile are known for their loosening up properties, generally the aspect effects of drinking an excessive amount of milk tea can even be anxiety. As a result, tea can activate the brain cells to calm you down however after you push it and drink an excessive amount of, it will produce an imbalance in brain chemicals that result in anxiety.

While little quantities to assist you to relax, regardless of the tea, anxiety becomes a risk if you consume over 150 ml of tea per day.

4. Insomnia

Like in Coffee, tea, explicitly black tea, which is what is utilized to mix milk tea is wealthy in caffeine. At the point when your body is over-burden with caffeine, particularly in the second 50% of the day, it can cause sleep issue like insomnia. While little amounts won’t do this, drinking an overabundance of multiple cups in a day can cause real sleep issues. This is a standout amongst the most widely recognized reactions of tea with milk and sugar.

5. Can Get You Addicted

One of the most noticeably bad reactions of expending overabundance tea is that you can undoubtedly get dependent on it. When regular tea drinkers don’t get their daily cup at the identical time, it will leave them weary, lethargic, and irritable and produce down their energy levels. Some individuals may even experience headaches and fatigue until they get their daily quota of 3 to four cups of tea.

6. Blood Pressure Imbalance

One of the foremost dangerous aspect effects of drinking an excessive amount of tea is that it causes an imbalance in your blood pressure. n little amounts, it will facilitate improve circulation, maintain heart health, brain and nerve functions and facilitate improve your system. However, after you over-consume the drink, it will increase your vital sign, resulting in high blood pressure; or slows it down an excessive amount of because of it’s relaxing properties, that lowers your pressure too much. This could be terribly dangerous for your body.

7. Bloating

Feeling bloated lately? Possibly you’re drinking an excessive amount of tea. The caffeine present in the tea may cause swelling in certain individuals. Overabundance utilization of tea may cause lack of hydration which calls for undesirable water maintenance and in this way, you may feel bloated

These are some of the side effects of consuming milk tea.  I  hope you enjoyed learning regarding these potential dangerous facet effects of tea on your health.


Make sure to utilize the presence of mind when drinking tea – don’t drink excessively, enable it to cool some before drinking, don’t drink tea that is excessively concentrated, and don’t drink tea that will interfere with any medications you’re talking.