10 Habits To Be A Happy Person

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10 Habits To Be A Happy Person


Examining how to be happy is benefited from observing the patterns of others, and then taking only what you find useful. Inspiration is the goal, not rigid rules on being happy.

But what is happiness?

Happiness is simply the ability to not want more; to find gratitude and satisfaction in the moment that you have right now.

In other words, your happiness hinges on living in the moment instead of yearning for some future indicator of success.

Appreciating what you have right now automatically brings you into the present. It allows you to get past the dissatisfaction of wanting a bigger house or a better relationship or a better job and experience what you have right now.


Apart from gratitude, there are other habits that you can instil to be happier. Read them below.


  1. Change your perspective

In one study researchers found that the simple act of listing 3 good things that happened that day (no matter how small) increased happiness and decreased depressive symptoms.

Most interestingly, a change in view can have a really big impact on your overall happiness.


  1. Pick a skill

“Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything.”


Regularly engaging in your strengths is a great way to feel better about yourself.

The long and short of it is that you should find something to excel in, and do it as often as you can.


  1. Before dinner each night, say one thing you are grateful for

Now this is the gratitude that we spoke about earlier. Dinner is the time of the day that we come near to the closure of the day. This time you are almost done with the day and therefore, listing what you are grateful for will keep you in the right mind and space. It will make you go to bed and rise up next morning with fulfillment and positive outlook.


  1. Take 30 seconds to breathe

There is no easier way to make time for yourself and be grateful for your own existence than to breathe. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose for a count of three and out through your mouth for a count of five. Do this 5 times.


  1. Smile

You tend to smile when you’re happy. But it’s actually a two-way street. We smile because we’re happy, and smiling causes the brain to release dopamine, which makes us happier.

That doesn’t mean you have to go around with a fake smile plastered on your face all the time. But the next time you find yourself feeling low, crack a smile and see what happens. You can also try starting each morning by smiling at yourself in the mirror.


  1. Get plenty of sleep

No matter how much modern society steers us toward less sleep, we know that adequate sleep is vital to good health, brain function, and emotional well-being.

Here are a few tips to help you build a better sleep routine:

  • Invest in some good bedding.
  • Keep your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet.
  • Reserve the hour before bed as quiet time. Take a bath, read, or do something relaxing. Avoid heavy eating and drinking.
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends.


  1. Exercise

Even a small amount of physical activity can make a difference.

Exercise isn’t just for your body. Regular exercise can help to reduce stress, feelings of anxiety, and symptoms of depression while boosting self-esteem and happiness.

The trick is not to overexert. If you suddenly throw yourself into a strenuous routine, you’ll probably just end up frustrated (and sore).


  1. Keep a journal

Journal writing can be as simple as jotting down a few thoughts before you go to bed.

A journal is a good way to organize your thoughts, analyse your feelings, and make plans. And you don’t have to be a literary genius or write volumes to benefit.


  1. See friends or meet the ones you haven’t for a long time

We live for close connection. Having Facebook friends and Twitter followers and a large network is great, but it lacks the meaning of close connection. Reach out to someone who is important to you. Humans are social beings and having close friends can make us happier.


  1. Get into nature/ Meditate

Your green space could be anything from your neighborhood park, your own backyard, or a rooftop garden — anywhere you can appreciate some nature and fresh air.

Spending 30 minutes or more a week in green spaces can help lower blood pressure and depression, according to a study.

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sitting quietly with your own thoughts for 5 minutes. Even the deep breathing exercises mentioned earlier can serve as a form of meditation. Meditation literally clears your mind and calms you down, it’s been often proven to be the single most effective way to live a happier life



Try these effective habits that you need to instil in your everyday life. It is not easy to come out from a place where you have been trapped but at the end of the day, it is really ourselves who can help us. You need to bring a change to your daily life to create space for a happier and healthier mind.


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