Ways To Teach Spelling To Your Child

Ways To Teach Spelling To Your Child
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To figure out how to teach spelling to your child is rarely a thought that crosses the minds of parents since it is usually considered to be the responsibility of the school. While most pre-schools may start coaching the kids with simple words, when your kid returns home, real learning happens and makes an attempt to remember what was taught him earlier. Then it becomes quite necessary to help your child review his lessons with different techniques.

Why is teaching spellings to children important?

Communication is a vital aspect of our lives, and how language was first created is essentially spelling. Children need to properly understand the spellings.

Reading Improvement

When kids know how to spell a word, they relate better to its sound, which ultimately enables them to read better. They can only enhance their reading speed with exercise and even try to comprehend new words.

Writing Accurately

Imagine if your child starts to write texts and letters to others with incorrect spellings. Not only does it affect your child’s image, but it also hinders his self-esteem’s development.

Ways To Teach Spelling To Your Child

1. Use image flip cards:

You can use flip cards to play a memory-based game or even make it more interesting to write traditional phrases. Select words that can be displayed by pictures and print on certain cards. Now scribe the inverse side of their spellings or use separate cards. Your child may choose to match or spell out a card.

2. Trace, Copy, Recall

This triple step method is quite effective in assisting children who are struggling to understand words and spellings. Let them begin by tracing their pencils over existing words and letters. These letters are then copied exactly to a separate page. Once that’s done, cover the page and let it repeat the same word from their memory.

3. Memorization

Memorizing words of spelling is a traditional way of teaching your kid. Show the word written on paper to your kid. Then tell her how to visualize a word in her mind. Then have their eyes closed and picture the word in their mind, letter by letter. Ask them to loudly spell out the term, then open their eyes to see if they are right. Repeat the next word.

This technique is called visual memorization and has demonstrated one of the most efficient ways to teach spelling to your child.

3. Use of Mobile Games:

Every child is going to create countless excuses to avoid studying but give them a smartphone and for endless hours they will play with it. Use this digital connection to assist them to gather new words and better comprehend their spelling. There are many more games out there from Spelling City to Puzzlemaker that can assist a kid get better at spelling words.

4. Play ‘Scrambled Spelling:

Give a number of scrambled words to your kid. By writing letters on pieces of paper, you can use alphabet blocks or fridge magnets, or even create your own. Then haven them in a time limit unscramble the words. This game makes multiple kids a wonderful competition.

5. ‘Lily Pad Letters’:

Take a large piece of constructing paper and write each alphabet letter. Cut the region in the form of a lily pad around each letter and lay it on the ground. You can even ask your kid to assist decorate and color the lily pads green.

Play this match with two of your kids, or team up with your kid yourself. The first person has to think about a term and read it aloud to play. In order to spell the term, the second must then step on the letters.

ways to teach child how to spell word
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6. Create a ‘Spelling Train’:

Read the term aloud and have your kid write it down. Using the last letter in that phrase, ask your kid to write another word starting with the last letter. You can proceed with the writing cycle by following the last letter of that word. E.g





Tin, and so on…

7. BINGO with a twist:

If your kid is a supporter of games like BINGO or Tambola, you can build a puzzle with the words he already knows. Create a grid and complete it with distinct words. The remaining spaces may have random letters. Ask your kid to discover and encircle a word in the grid.

8. Videos can improve spelling:

You don’t have to be around your kid continuously to assist him to learn spelling. To develop some pleasant teaching sessions, all you need is the camera on your phone. Record clips of yourself or your baby, where each letter is mentioned, and the kid needs to complete with the word or vice versa. It would be quite interesting for both of you to watch the videos again.

While it may be hard to find out how to teach pre-school or even kindergarten spelling, a better way is to know how to teach the correct teaching technique for the same. Once this is settled, it will make it simpler for your kid to remember and remember different word spellings.

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