‘Superhero aur sidekick’ by Prashasti Singh

'Superhero aur sidekick' by Prashasti Singh
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Each aspiring comic comes up with their own brilliant style. One such contestant, Prashasti Singh was exceptional with her genuine tone and amazing way of keeping her thoughts which kept the audience roaring off stage and even on social media. She is a fresh voice bringing her taste to the table.

She is from a small-town (Amethi) and has had a stereotypical career path. She has been studious since forever and has pursued engineering from Delhi and MBA from IIM Lucknow. Before moving to Mumbai, she worked in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

She was pushed by her friends who also did stand-up comedy for her first open mic while she was working with a television broadcaster in Mumbai. It was her first step towards this big journey. Her big break from Comicstaan happened right after 8-months of this open-mic.

In her opinion, she could not have thought of herself as a comedian before this. She knew she had an active funny bone amongst her friends but her idea did not go to any larger audience than this. But the response from her first open mic made her sure about this path.

She believes herself to be lucky to have come into this field where women prior her had already raised their voice high enough and made comedy a more welcoming place for a woman. Her gratefulness doesn’t stop here and she wishes to dig the same path and make it comfortable for the next line of people in this field.

The sudden fame has made her feel like a teenager who is constantly checking her phone. Her reaction when people recognize her is still developing.

She considers her mother to be her source of strength and support. She has made her believe in herself after her father passed away. Prashasti believes her father would have been happy seeing her do things where she is honest and have put genuine efforts.

She proved herself yet again at the Spoken Fest 2019.

In her stand-up act “Superhero aur sidekick”, she shared a heart-warming account of how a mother is the ultimate symbol of strength. She learned this from her mother’s life and decisions when they were hit with a sudden wave.

She begins by telling how she always wanted to be like her father but now as she looks back to that one incident that brought forth her mother’s true strength.

She never really got to know her mother as a real superhero until her father passed away. Prashasti shares the time when their relatives would come and express their worry at the fact that she is not fatherless and has to probably get married to an IAS officer in order to sustain herself and her family. But she remembers her mother who did not let others dictate the terms for her family. When Prashasti was ready to give in, she heard her mother’s true voice rise up like never before when she said “your mother is still alive”.

Prashasti is living her dreams even today because her mother didn’t give in to the terms set by the society. She held her daughter and made her choose her own path. The amount of strength she had truly sparkled at this moment of weakness for her family.

She goes on to recount her mother’s transformation from a homemaker to an all-round single parent. It wasn’t like she understood her daughter’s choices. But she still trusted them and let them pursue their dreams.

We see several honest depictions by various comedians. But Prashasti’s account is so important as it shows a mother dealing with the most unimaginable problems all single-handedly. The role of a mother is underappreciated but it is the most complex of all.

This is an ode to every mother who is running to meet every other role that she has to play in order to hold her family. It is for their unconditional love.

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