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bleeding gums during pregnancy
2 years ago no Comment

Weight gain, unexpected food cravings, and a persistent need to visit the washroom are some of the pregnancy symptoms that are frequently discussed. Nevertheless, there is not much discussion of some other symptoms. Bleeding gums during pregnancy are one of those signs of pregnancy. Approximately half of the pregnant women have red gums that are […]

Should Your Newborn Twins Sleep Together?
2 years ago no Comment

To be a parent is a difficult job and having twins is just like stepping up the challenge without asking for it. A lot of stuff needs to be reconsidered if you have more than one child at the same time, including feeding them to taking care of them and even letting them sleep. Many […]

Dark Circle in Children
2 years ago 5 Comments

Dark circles in children Are you worried about the dark circles under your child’s eyes? If yes, you can read this article to understand children’s possible causes and treatment options for dark circles. Dark circles refer to discoloration or pigmentation appearance under the eyes or throughout the socket of the eye. The technical term for […]

Know The Effective Learning Techniques for Teenagers
2 years ago no Comment

Today, a child has so many distractions in the form of television, social networks, and video games. Parents find it very difficult to keep the child-focused on their studies. But there are a few methods that could make learning interesting. Keeping your child interested in the learning process can be a challenge, because of the […]

Ways To Teach Empathy To Your Kids
2 years ago no Comment

In your childhood, empathy may not have been something you were taught. Actually, most of us would even assume that empathy is innate and not learned! Promoting empathy is a perfect way to build the foundations of a compassionate person’s development to mentor your child on the right way of reacting to their feelings of […]

Know The Reasons Why Pets Are Great For Kids
2 years ago no Comment

Kids enjoy the thought of owning pets, and they don’t mind having a lot of pets. Yet most parents do not understand the attraction of children to pets. Children know they can never have a share without their parents’ permission, but they continue to speak about their desires in the hope that father and mother […]

Effects Of Comparing Child With Others
2 years ago no Comment

Every parent wants the best thing for their kids. You’d like to see them be the best they can and inspire them to do whatever they can. It’s completely natural. However, the need to see your child excel will also lead you to compare them to other people, and this is a major issue. Continue […]

Top 11 Best Herbs to Boost Fertility
2 years ago no Comment

Diet and medication play a part in deciding fertility, among myriad other factors. If you and your partner are looking to conceive, the starting point is to clean up and go natural (as far as possible) on all fronts. Read on for the top 11 best herbs to boost fertility. How do herbs help improve […]

History And Significance Of Lohri 2021
2 years ago no Comment

Lohri, one of North India’s most famous festivals, is just around the corner. The festival, celebrated mainly by Sikhs and Hindus, marks the end of the winter solstice and the rabi crop harvest. Every year the festival is celebrated¬†with great enthusiasm and passion on January 13th. People like to wear colorful traditional clothes, to sing […]

Is Watching TV While Eating Harmful for Kids
2 years ago no Comment

Most children eat while they watch television. Should the children watch television while eating? Continue reading to find out the side effects of watching tv while eating. Is your child only eating while watching TV? Children who are furious eaters can eat if they are able to watch their favorite shows on TV. The distraction […]

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