Know How To Look Stunning This Karwa Chauth 2020

Know How To Look Stunning This Karwa Chauth 2020
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Congratulations to all the newlywed women out there. It must be such a wonderful feeling to actually get married to the man of your dreams. And it’s got to be a wonderful feeling for you as you enter your first Karwa Chauth celebration. It has its own significance to dress up for your first Karwa Chauth. If you want to know how to look stunning this Karwa Chauth 2020, then here’s a wonderful collection of outfits.

The Indian women prefer traditional Indian outfits to the modern western outfits on this special day. Indian fashion enthusiasts prefer Indian ethnic dresses like sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, ethnic gowns, and even Indo-Western dresses. It’s really important to plan your perfect outfit for your special day on Karwa Chauth.

History Of Karwa Chauth

Indian festivals go all year round. But in the lives of newlyweds and all married couples, there are many festivals that are of their own importance. Karwa Chauth is one of these festivals. Itt is a favorable celebration that will be held 9 days before the Diwali Festival. ‘Karwa’ is a tiny mud bowl of water, and ‘Chauth’ is the fourth in the Hindi language.

It contributes to the knowledge that on the 4th day of the dark fortnight, the festival takes place. It’s a one-day festival, observed by Hindu people. On the day of Karwa Chauth, the married women, particularly from Northern India, observe the protection and endurance of their spouses from dawn to moonrise. Many tales are known for Karwa Chauth, a few of them are listed below:

  • When Lord Yama came to receive the soul of Satyavan, Savitri urged Lord Yama to impart his life to him. She stopped eating and absorbing and pursued Lord Yama when he rejected, who took away her deceased husband. Lord Yama said she might pray for some other blessings, except for her partner’s life. Savitri suggested that she be allowed to have children. Awarded to Lord Yama. Savitri, being a Pati-Vrata (faithful) woman, would never let any other partner be her children’s parent. With no choice but to restore the man of Savitri to life, Lord Yama was left. This legend concerns a modified Purnima and not Karva Chauth but is recognized for the festival.
  • A woman known as Karva was committed deeply to her husband. She opened up her Shakti (refined energy) with deep admiration and compassion from him. When she got into a river, she grabbed her husband with a crocodile. Karva forced the crocodile with a cotton thread and begged Lord Yama (the god of the dead) to take the crocodile to hell. Lord Yama refused, however. Karva threatened to anathematize and defeat Lord Yama. Lord Yama, afraid of being prohibited by Pati-Vrata (constant) wife, sent the crocodile to hell and gave Karva’s wife a long life. Karva and her husband have had many moments of marital joy. Karva Chauth is still practiced with great trust and faith to this day.

How To Look Stunning This Karwa Chauth 2020

Here are dress ideas for your celebration to look stunning this Karwa Chauth

1. Long Skirt and Kurti Combo

Long ethnic skirt in common shades of Karva Chauth including Red, Magenta, Pink, Orange, and Yellow is one of the best outfits to choose from for Karva Chauth. This outfit has all the features you need to set your picture as a modern yet traditional Bahu. So ladies go for a long skirt and Kurta combo for the on-point bling factor.

Long Skirt and Kurti Combo
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2. Elegant Sharara Suit

When it comes to comfort, Sharara suits are nowadays the most preferred outfit. Every woman loves the sharara suits. A beautiful type of suit that has a smart and amazing structure that makes you look taller and slimmer is the sharara suit. Each woman has a fabulous look in the sharara suit. It’s a fine fit for Karwa Chauth’s special day.

Elegant Sharara Suit
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3. Long Anarkali Suit

For those who discover saree, lehengas, and other Indo western outfits difficult to handle, Anarkali Suit is the best attire. Whenever we talk about Karva Chauth suits, the Anarkali suit is the first choice for women. These iconic flared pleated paneled suits are comfortable to pull off and timeless. Although a range of styles, cuts, and patterns are available, it would nevertheless be great to pick up a basic design with big flares. In addition, the Embroidered Gold Printed with Drawstrings Tassels and Border Printed Hem is a hot favorite mode, also in the ethnic style of women. Ladies love these tiny hacks, which not only increase their glamour but also allow them to have a complementary look.

Long Anarkali Suit
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4. Banarasi Lehenga

This vibrant Banarasi lehenga will turn your heads around and at the same time keep you at ease. This beautiful lehenga provides a fabulous look when wearing a special Karwa Chauth. This floor-length Banarasi fabric is certainly note-worthy, a really stunning item. This designer Lehenga gives you the ideal comfort and freshness you are looking for.

Banarasi Lehenga
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5. Ethnic Style Gown

One of the most graceful attires of all times, the ethnic style gown looks beautiful on vibrant young people. This beautiful pink gown is an incredible ethnic style gown that gives Karwa Chauth a fabulous look. This gown’s embroidery work makes it incredible to wear. Make sure you have the gown in the perfect color when you choose it for yourself, and it’s the perfect color to wear on Karwa Chauth.

Ethnic Style Gown
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6. Silk Saree

The alluring, wealthy, glittering, and smooth silk fabric has a special place in all women’s hearts and minds. One of the best choices for women is the silk sarees on the special occasion of Karwa Chauth. It is worth gripping this traditional silk saree and achieving a high dose of style and fashion. This silk saree’s grace and elegance give the fabulous look of Karwa Chauth.

Silk Saree
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7. Jacket Kurta For The Indo-Western Look

A pair of brilliant Anarkali jackets with a flared skirt and a heavy blouse embellished with floral embroidery.

Jacket Kurta For The Indo-Western Look
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So, these are tips on how to look stunning this Karwa Chauth 2020.

For all Indian ladies, the Karwa Chauth is a time to begin shopping for this big day. Karwa Chauth is a special day in the life of every Indian woman who is married. By using the elegant ethnic clothing of the region, they like to demonstrate their fashion sense.

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