How to raise kind kids

raise kind kids
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Every parent must make sure they are raising kids who are kind before they are anything in this world. The world needs that kind of teaching. It is highly important, especially today where hate is easily sold over love.

Many parents fall for the wrong things. They start teaching their children about things that are of least importance. It is a matter of priority. What do you think is the most important as a parent but also as a human being first?

The things you need to focus from beginning are- your child’s behavior, their character and a regular practice of gratitude.

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  • Usage of mindful words

You have to be careful when you use words around your children. They learn what they see and hear. It is always the home where the kids learn their virtues first. Try to not use negative words in front of your child. Make it a habit to replace the negative language into positive.

When your child makes a mistake, refrain from saying things like – “Are you a bad boy?” or “be quiet” when they interrupt while you speak. Replace these phrases with positive phrases like – “What did you learn from your mistake?” or “please wait for me to finish what I have to say”.

Make the language closer to heart and loving. Language plays a huge part in framing your child’s behaviour.


  • Own your mistakes as parents

As they say, “Be humble to see your mistakes, courageous to admit them and wise enough to correct them.”

You cannot expect yourself to be 100% correct always. You are a parent but you are also human and human beings are prone to mistakes. Parenting involves errors and you have to accept that.

Sometimes even parents say things that they don’t mean. Maybe you raise your voice or you say words that are hurtful. In such cases, make it a habit to retaliate by apologizing to your child and asking for a chance to make it correct. This behavior will teach your children to accept their mistakes and moreover the habit of correcting their mistakes.


  • Teach courtesy

Make your kids understand basic courtesy. Teach them how to say “thank you” when someone does something for them. They should start saying it to you when you do something for them.

Whenever you drop them to school, or get a gift for them, or even help them with their work make them understand how they must be polite and have the courtesy to say “Thank you”.


  • Teach them about kindness and compassion

Kids will always learn about kindness from the treatment they receive from their elders and people around them.

Do not gossip in your house. Always make sure you avoid conversations which insults another person. Teach your child to be respectful of every human being. They must learn from you to not talk behind anyone’s back.

Tell them stories. They could be real life stories which you or your family member experienced. Tell them how that person acted in kindness. Teach them about selflessness.

Explain the definition of kindness to them. You can create your own definition. Something like: “Kindness is being generous and considerate towards other people.”

Direct them towards the work where they will help a family member or a friend without getting anything in return.


Teach less and show more. Kids always learn from what they see. They will not learn if you take a stick and yell at them. Respect your children. Tell more stories to them. Make out time to gather with the whole family and share stories with morals. Don’t make learning very tiring for them. Make it fun and practical.


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