How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free

How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free
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Companies that allow workers to work from home, shops, and centers to be shut down and schools announcing that they are on holidays have now become the practice to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Infection germs too can live in your house, particularly when you get to your home with guests, members of your family, domestic or others who bring the germs outside. Below are a few tips to keep your home coronavirus free so that you and your family stay safe throughout these periods.

What’s The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfection?

The distinction between cleaning and disinfection is important.

Cleaning ensures that organic matter such as germs and surface soil is physically extracted. Disinfection means the use of chemical substances to kill surface germs.

Cleaning is extremely important as organic matter can inhibit or decrease the ability of the disinfectant to kill germs.

In The House, What Could Be Contaminated?

Clearly it is difficult to tell. It is possible that surfaces nearby become polluted when individual coughs or sneezes, especially if their mouth is not covered.

Hands often move pathogens from one location to another, so that items that people often touch are the most vulnerable.

Items that are frequently affected include remote TVs, fridge doors, kitchen cabinets, cooking surfaces, door handles, and taps. Obviously, there are devices like phones and tablets–but they can not be shared or regularly touched by others.

How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free

A few rules, some cleaning tips and a few other hacks, and during this isolation time, your house will remain clean and safe from coronavirus. Here are some easy tips.

1. Disinfect Surfaces 

Disinfect every 5–6 hours with a strong disinfectant the most affected areas of your home. Doorknobs, remote controls, lighting switches, seats, desks, toilets, tables and all other parts of your house are included. Remember that surface cleaners and disinfectants are different. Surface cleansers only minimize the number of germs, but disinfectant substances use chemicals to remove all surface germs. So stock your house with disinfectants when the outbreak is lats.

How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free
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2. While Cleaning the House, Use Gloves

Disposable gloves are a savior for the person doing the cleaning, as are the people in the house. So make sure the gloves are properly worn and thrown away, whether you or the house help clean the house!. Wash your hands straight away, just to be safe, after wearing the gloves.

3. Wash Your Clothes With Hot Water

Wash the clothes on your washing machine in the warmest water setting. Another option for washing clothes is to use a little bleach that is combined with regular detergent (use color-safe bleach). Not only does Bleach eliminate stains but it acts as a disinfectant to destroy any remaining germs on your clothes. It ensures that the garments are properly cleaned and no germs remain.

4. Regularly Wash Your Hands

Naturally, our hands hold the largest number of germs which, when we touch them, are then passed to surfaces around us. The best way to keep your home free of coronavirus germs, particularly when you touch any surface externally, is to wash it regularly. This can be as simple as opening the door for parcel received, removing the garbage, or going to buy food or meetings. For anyone who enters the house, whether a family member or household help, the same applies. When touching any surfaces inside the house, make sure everyone washes their hands.

How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free
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5. Let’s not stack up Clutter

Every kind of infection will develop the immune system and make you more resistant and COVID-19. The longer you let the clutter pile up around the house, the higher the likelihood that harmful germs could find their way to it. Throw away the toys of your kids when he is playing with them and don’t allow the laundry to pile up. Try and wash dishes as soon as you use them.

6. Disinfect Your Phone

It’s shocking how often we forget that we use our devices to the extent where they can hold as many germs as our hands do. Reports have even shown that mobile phones hold 10 times more bacteria than a seat in a bathroom. So, how is it that you disinfect your phone? You can use an alcohol wipe or simply dip a tissue in a sanitizer based on alcohol and clean your screen. Yeah, the front AND the back, and any cover you might have put on it.

7. Don’t Share Towels

Assign towels to each member of the family, so there is no sharing of germs. Regularly wash and dry towels, because you might be shocked at the amount of germs. The same applies to linen and shoes, particularly if there is still a family member to step outside for work. Another tip for the extreme cleanliness freaks out there is to do the laundry separately for each member. You just have to be committed to it, so don’t stress if you don’t have the patience or energy to do it.

How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free
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8. Maintain The House Well – Ventilated

We still forget about how fresh and powerful the sun is. Evidence suggests that UV rays are sufficiently powerful to kill a majority of viruses, but this is not true for COVID-19, it is true for other viruses that can still infect you at home and lower immunity. The sunshine and fresh air will raise your minds up and build a social isolation immunity that is all the more important.

9. Buy A Humidifier

Maintaining a humidity level of 40 and 60 percent in your home can help slow down the spread of diseases. This degree of humidity helps your body better protect itself against pathogens because indoor air can kill mucous membranes and make your body more vulnerable to viruses prevented by a humidifier.

How To Keep Your Home Coronavirus Free
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10. Sun-Dry Your Clothes 

Be sure to dry your clothes and linen in the sun so that when you remove them from the rack, they are not the slightest bit wet. This prevents the production of any bacteria that cause infection. Wearing moist clothing may also cause you to fall ill and decrease immunity, which in these times is a strict no-no!

So, these are 10 easy tips to keep your home coronavirus free so that you and your family stay safe throughout these periods.

It can look tiny to make changes in cleaning your house or washing, but they can help to keep a deadly coronavirus out. Make the most of your health and keep your home clean of COVID-19 with these 10 easy tips to keep your home coronavirus free.

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