Hot Water Bath Or Cold Water Bath – Which Is Better

Benefits of hot water bath or cold water bath
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Hot Water Bath Or Cold Water Bath – Which Is Better

You might wonder if it’s better for you to have a hot water bath or a cold water bath. While this is mostly a personal choice, in both of them there are definitely advantages.

While you have little choice based on the weather, you prefer to take a hot water shower during cold seasons and a refreshing cold water bath during warmer seasons by default.

That’s how everybody’s wired innately. But when it comes to what’s better for you, we’ve listed both of them’s benefits.

A cold or hot water shower will make you feel different. Some may like the feeling of a hot water shower and some may like the refreshing feeling of a cold water shower.

Look at both of them’s advantages and see what works best for you.


Advantages of Cold Water Bath


Coldwater shower is the way to go for the lot of you who love to be brisk, energetic and active all day long. A cold shower of water will refresh you and increase your vigilance. That’s why many people prefer to stay active throughout the day with cold water showers.

2.Better hair and skin:

It helps to open your pores with a cold water shower. cold water doesn’t allow the skin to get dirt. It is also friendly to the skin and hair as the lower temperature helps to clean and maintain the hygiene of the skin.

3. Better Immunity:

Did you know better immunity for people with cold water showers? That’s okay! Have a cold water bath for better disease protection.

4. Improved circulation of the blood:

Coldwater shower reduces body temperature. This leads to better circulation of the blood. The cold water bath helps clear the blocked arteries and lower blood pressure as well.

5. Stress Buster:

It is definitely a way to relieve stress by having a tap running cold water on your head. After a cold water shower, your stress levels drop drastically.

6. Accelerates weight loss:

Having a cold water bath definitely helps if you’re trying to get rid of a few kgs.

There are quite a few advantages to having a shower in hot water as well, similar to having a shower in cold water. Look at what you can get out of those cold winter mornings with a hot water shower.


Advantages of Hot Water Bath

1.Soothes Stiff Muscles:

Hot water shower is the way to go if you have muscle stiffness or soreness issues. Hot water shower can release muscle tension and help the muscles to relax.

2. Helps during a Cold:

It is advisable to take a hot water bath if you have a cold or fever. That’s just because the warm water helps clear your nasal passages and clogged lungs with water.

3. Induces Sleep:

If you are dealing with problems like insomnia, you may be helped by a hot water shower. Bathing in warm or hot water will help you sleep well.

4. Relax:

A hot water bath can help you feel relaxed and laidback. This is the best way to get some quality rest if you want to take a day off.


 Hot Water Baths Or  Cold Water Bath – As Per Ayurveda

Is it better to have a hot water bath or cold water bath? Ayurveda has a reply for you. It suggests you have to use hot water for your body and cold water for your head as it is not good for your health to wash your eyes and hair with hot water. Ayurveda suggests that water temperature should be based on the following factors:

1. Based On Age:

It’s suggested to bathe with cold water for young people. It is suggested that you bathe with hot water for old people and young people. But if you’re a student and you’re dedicated to spending more on the study, you’ll benefit from cold water bathing.

2. Based on the type of body

If your type of body is Pitta, use cold water to take a bath and use hot water if your type of body is Kapha or Vata.

3. Based on Diseases

A cold water bath will be very beneficial for your health if you suffer from any Pitta-related disease, such as indigestion or liver disorders. And if you suffer from disorders related to Kapha or Vata, you prefer a hot water bath.

If you are a patient with epilepsy, it is not recommended to use both hot water and cold water bath. Instead, take a tipped water bath.

4.Based On Your Habits

If you work out regularly, it is suggested to have a hot water bath.

5. Based On What Time You Bathe

It’s good to bathe with cold water if you bathe in the morning. But if you bathe at night, it will help you feel relaxed by taking a hot water bath. Because evening time is dominated by Vata, it will be beneficial to bathe with hot water.

It’s all about hot water bath or cold water bath. We hope you’ve cleared all your doubts, and you’re now sure which water to bathe in.


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