Friends Who Empower Me Every Day

Friends Who Empower Me Every Day
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In a person’s life, there is a definite moment where they know they have found their partner in crime. The person with whom they can count on being awkward. No matter how crazy or stupid they may be, the person they know will always go along with there plans. So I’m saying this to these awkward persons, who happens to be my best friends!!

To My Both Best friends #Anzi #Minji

That’s long overdue thank youThere are so many things for which want to thank you, and I’m sure that by the end of this letter will still miss some. But here’s small token of gratitude for being on my side in this life and making everything worthwhile.

First of all, thank you for accepting me and loving me for who I am. It’s not easy. I can be stubborn, hard and confusing, but for me, you love and accept me. I wonder when you will finally come to your senses and move on and find a new BFF, one that isn’t so complicated, but you never do to my amazement. You’re telling me you’re going to take the good with the bad, and when I ask if I have any good left, you’re there to reassure me and show me that I’m doing it. 

Thank you for loving me in my dorky and challenging moments, moments when they’d probably walk away if the rest of the world saw them. Thank you for understanding me as no one else does; I can’t imagine how lonely and big this world would feel if we didn’t have the connection we made. This world seems like a little more friendly place because of you, one of which I can see myself as a part. 

I am Grateful for you for being my biggest fan. You both are my biggest supporter besides my family, and I know you win when I win, and I win when you win. It doesn’t matter who’s in my opponents’ corner in this battle we call life, because I know I’ll always have you in mine, and that’s the best asset I’ve ever been able to ask for. You encourage me to chase my dreams like no other, and I can tell you that when I hurt you sincerely hurt — not many people care about me so deeply.

Whatever crazy dream I tell you I’m going to chase after next, you think I can do it, even though the rest of the world thinks I’m crazy to suggest it. You’re the first person I want to tell when something good happens, and when something bad happens, you’re the first person I go to support. Thank you for all the advice and make sure I know when I can do better than my heart-breaking guy.

I am grateful for the absolute honor and privilege to be able to call you my best friends. Thank you, and one million more, for giving me these reasons to be thankful for. am blessed today to have the opportunity to tell both of you how thankful am to have both of you in my life.

Your best friend forever and ever

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