Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids
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Kids love just fun craft ideas, particularly those involving colors and some DIYs. We have some simple and creative tie-dye techniques for children in this post. So, what are you waiting for, add it to your children’s summer bucket list! We assure you that these tie-dye activities for both you and your children will be a fun-learning and interactive session! Scroll down for some creative ideas to tie-dye shirts with kids.

What is Tie-Dyeing?

If you have not heard of the process of tie-dyeing, then it is exactly as the name implies. You just have to twist the cloth like you’re squeezing the water out of it, tie it with elastic bands on various spots, and then dye it. When the folded portion of the fabric is done shows design or pattern that looks super cool and breezy! Now, to make a stylish and classic trendy piece you can rinse the cloth thoroughly and then dry. That’s it and you have done it! There is no common pattern or style in tie-dyeing, and somebody has rightly said that getting a tie-dye wrong is impossible! So, go ahead and try it out. We’re sure you and your kids are going to love it!

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

Things You Need For Tie-Dye

  • A white cotton shirt
  • Squirt bottles
  • Rubber bands
  • Zip plastic bags (gallon sized)
  • Water
  • Paper towels to clean up the spills
  • Spray bottle for sprinkling water

Preparation Of Tie-Dyeing

How do you make kids tie-dye shirts at home? For children to make fun and classic tops, read the following tie-dye instructions!

  • When you’re using a new shirt for the project then wash it and dry it in advance. Make sure you’re not using any fabric conditioner to prevent any stains on the shirt that might cause the ink to repel. Set up the workplace outside where possible so any mess produced can be handled. When planting indoors, cover the place of work with a sheet of plastic.
  • Before the start, the ink needs to be prepared. If you have purchased a tie-dye kit, prepare the ink as per the instructions provided on it. In the case of a powdered or liquid dye, prepare the ink and place it in the squirt bottles according to the instructions given.
  • Prepare the dry shirt with water sprayed from the spray bottle. This will dampen the shirt and now you can twist and tie the rubber bands according to your chosen designs.
  • Dye the shirt by pressing the ink onto the shirt as per the instructions given or the pattern you’ve selected. When finished, placed the shirt in a 24-hour sealed plastic container. This helps the ink to seep in with more vivid colors.
  • Next, you should rinse your shirt after 24 hours are done. Pull-on a pair of rubber gloves and rinse the shirt in cold running water with no rubber bands removed. Wash until there’s no color in the tub. Replace the rubber strips now and rinse again. Wash and dry your shirt under the sun next. Do not wash and dry other clothing with this, as the color can bleed and ruin other clothing.

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

Here are few awesome and creative ideas to tie-dye shirts with kids.

1. Circle Pattern Or Bull Eye

For kids, one of the easiest tie-dyes is a circle pattern! In this pattern, you are going to get the shape of the circle or a bull’s eye. With this, pick the place where you want the pattern to show up on the top. First, pull a tiny piece of fabric out and tie it to a rubber band. Follow the pattern in other areas where the circles you like. First, choose the hue in which you want the circles to be and use the shirt bottles to put on the colors. Assure that the shade on the shirt is well saturated. First, pick a color that you want the shirt to be in and with this color dye the front and back of the shirt, avoiding the circle dye. And they’re ready!

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

2. Polka Dot Pattern 

We feel that our personal favorite, polka dots look super cute on kids! Nonetheless, you’ll need a few extra beads for this project. Break those plastic wrappers into bits about 3-4 times bigger than the beads. Now, put the bead inside the shirt and the plastic wrapping on the shirt top. Wrap up securely around the bead with a rubber band from the front of the shirt. Replicate the pattern on the shirt with other beads. Wet the shirt, and use your favorite color to be dyed.

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

3. Swirl Pattern

A fascinating tie-dye design and we are sure that you will enjoy the final result! You have to put the shirt flat on a plane surface for this. Using a fork to hold it in the shirt and twist center. Keep spinning, and join together in circles. Now put 4-6 bands of rubber on the rounded shirt. Wet the shirt, and squirt the coloring. Here we are ready to go!

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

4. Striped Pattern 

Fold the shirt from the bottom up with even tiny pleats until the shirt looks like a long, thin log. Now, take the rubber bands, about five to eight of them, and uniformly tie them around the shirt. Now put on a pair of rubber gloves and dye the shirt that you can pick for each segment between the bands a different colored dye. Make sure the ink flows through the shirt layers and all around.

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

5. Ringer Pattern Tie-Dye

A cute and simple design to make, this one is pretty simple! Pinch the middle of the shirt (only the top layer) for around 1-2 inches and pull the fabric tightly to a point, just let the rest of the shirt fall off. Smooth the pinched piece of fabric into a cone shape and tie the rubber band tightly around it. To make the circle smaller or bigger, you can push the rubber band up or down. If you want a wider ring to be made then wrap 2-3 more rubber bands around the same point. Wet your shirt, and it’s ready to tint!

Creative Ideas To Tie-Dye Shirts With Kids

These are some of the cool and creative ideas to tie-dye shirts with kids.

Tie-dye is super simple for the family to have fun, allowing everyone the chance to explore their creative talents. The best part, you get to wear your creations and present them to the world with pride! I hope that on a lazy summer afternoon you enjoy the above simple tie-dye patterns with kids!

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