All You Need To Know About International Coffee Day

All You Need To Know About International Coffee Day
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The International Coffee Day takes place every year on 1 October so that all those involved in the coffee industry can remember and celebrate their efforts as well as give coffee lovers an opportunity to share their love of beverages. Learn more about International Coffee Day history, coffee celebrations, and facts.

International Coffee Day 

Every year, on 1 October, International Coffee Day 2020 is celebrated. International Coffee Day is observed to honor the efforts of millions of farmers who are dependent on this aromatic crop for their living conditions. International Coffee Day offers all coffee lovers the chance to express their love of the drink. The first World Coffee Day in Milan was proclaimed and organized in 2015 by the international coffee organization.

In 2014, the ICO agreed to observe the International Coffee Day on October 1st every year. It is also praised for raising awareness of coffee farmers worldwide.

All You Need To Know About International Coffee Day
Image Source – Pixabay

 History of International Coffee Day

The long history of the drink is also observed during International Coffee Day. The characteristics of coffee beans were possibly discovered in Ethiopia for the first time. The pits found in the coffee berry or cherry are the seeds. The tale goes that a goat herder from the 9th century discovered and started experimenting with their calming effects on his goats.

In the Arab world around the 15th-century coffee, drinking was first popularised, spread across Asia then to Italy. It later spread to Europe and the Americans, and eventually to your cup of coffee. Today, coffee is one of the largest crops in the world. Buying and encouraging ethically grown coffee is all the more important, so be sure to buy your coffee selectively and encourage ethical trade. And if you drink today’s coffee, breathe in its aroma; taste it’s dark and full of flavor, and think of its story.

All You Need To Know About International Coffee Day
Image Source- Pixabay

International Coffee Day Significance

The International Coffee Day honors the contributions of hard-working farmers. Different organizations promote fair trade coffee and help raise awareness of the plight of those involved in the industry. People celebrate this day with the knowledge of coffee history and experiment with various dishes made out of their beans, as well as happy discounts from different coffee shops and chain shops. In addition, every country has a different way to celebrate International Coffee Day. Groups are also organizing or preparing activities to put together and promote the industry on which millions of farmers rely for their livelihoods.

International Coffee Day Celebration

With a nice cup of coffee, you will surely celebrate International Coffee Day in the best way! There are so many types of coffee that you can try. You can make your coffee black, and there are a lot of different kinds of coffee, different in intensity and richness. You should try various recipes for coffee. The new one, the Dalgona coffee, is a trend. Coffees like lattes, cappuccinos, American,s, and many more are also available! Why not use International Coffee Day to try some specialty coffee from another country, such as Cypriot coffee? Many states have a special way of making this drink, so trying something different is always enjoyable.

In celebration of International Coffee Day, you might also arrange an event or just a get-together, ensuring you help the industry and the livelihoods of millions of farmers who rely on this crop.

Beauty Benefits of Coffee

  • In growing the presence of cellulite on the skin, the abundance of caffeine in coffee plays a crucial role. Using coffee scrubs to exfoliate the cellulite-prone areas such as the thighs, arms, and tummy will get you fast results.
  • In treating the various signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation, coffee scrubs or masks are of high importance when used on the skin. Skincare products based on coffee help open the pores of the skin, ensure adequate blood flow, and also balance the tone of the skin.
  • Coffee provides protection against UVA and UVB rays that are harmful. By preventing inflammation in the outer epidermal layer of your skin, it battles the initiation of carcinogenesis that happens due to UV radiation.
  • The products help clean the skin pores by removing dead skin cells and accumulated dirt and grime particles from the skin pores, as coffee is a natural exfoliant.
  • The use of a coffee mask on your hair and scalp effectively improves the blood circulation in the hair follicles, improves your hair follicles, and prevents sudden hair loss. It also stimulates the development of hair and helps to detangle rough hair.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is worth mentioning many health benefits. Here are some of the popular benefits of coffee for health.

  • Coffee improves your physical health — sipping a coffee cup will boost your energy levels before your workout.
  • You could lose your weight with coffee.
    You help burn fat with coffee.
  • Coffee helps you concentrate and remain attentive.
  • Coffee decreases death risk – coffee leads to the reduction of the risk of early death.
  • It decreases cancer risk – One study found that coffee could decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%.
  • Coffee decreases stroke risk.
  • The risk of Parksons’ disease is minimized by coffee.
  • Coffee protects your body-Coffee has a large number of antioxidants that act as a small warrior to battle and defend your body against free radicals.
  • It will reduce the risk of type II diabetes — Caffeine reduces the sensitivity of you to insulin and improves the tolerance for glucose.
  • Coffee protects your brain-high blood caffeine lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The risk of dementia is also decreased.

Disadvantages of Coffee

All of this world has its own benefits and drawbacks. Often, coffee has both its benefits and its disadvantages. For your information, we have mentioned some of the warnings below.

  • Bad coffee can be harmful to you.
  • If you drink 80-100 cups (23 liters) during a short session, coffee will kill you.
  • Insomnia and restlessness may be caused by coffee.
  • If you’re pregnant, do not drink more than one cup of coffee a day. Your baby is extremely susceptible to caffeine, and caffeine can reach the fetus.
  • Filtered coffee is preferable when you have high cholesterol.
  • Coffee for children may increase the number of bedwetting.

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