World Population Day: Things You Need To Know

World Population Day: Things You Need To Know
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World Population Day is being celebrated on July 11 at the mark of Five Billion Day and to create a global consciousness about the environmental and social impacts of rapid population growth. Continue reading to know every about world population day.

World Population Day 2020 

Since 1989, World Population Day was observed on 11 July. The aim of this day is to concentrate attention on the relevance and significance of problems relevant to the population such as family planning, poverty, human rights, gender equality, and maternal health. It was projected that about 83 million people are added to the global population every single year according to the medium-variant forecast. Yet the global population is expected to reach 8.6 billion by 2030, 9.8 billion by 2050, and 11.2 billion by 2100 if fertility rates continue to decline.

World Population Day: Things You Need To Know

History Of World Population Day

In 1968, world leaders declared the constitutional right of individuals to freely and honestly decide the number and time of their children. About 40 years later, millions of women, men, and young people still do not have access to modern contraception. World Population Day was introduced in 1989 as an outgrowth of the day of Five Billion, marked on July 11, 1987.

In December 1990, the UN adopted a resolution 45/216 and proclaimed World Population Day. The UN-supported the event as an opportunity to raise awareness and impact on development and the environment regarding population issues. On 11 July 1990 in more than 90 nations, the first World Population Day took place.

Since then, governments, NGOs, and individuals have co-ordinated various awareness projects to commemorate the annual event with funding from the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA).

It has also contributed to the introduction of an action plan calling for fair access for all women to adequate reproductive health care, which was organized by the ICPD (International Conference on Population and Development) in Cairo, Egypt in 1994. The conference also acknowledged the inseparable link between reproductive and women ‘s health and the importance of both for advancing society. This basic concept guides the universal human rights approach in addressing population issues.

How Is World Population Day Celebrated?

In various countries, World Population Day is celebrated in different ways. UNFPA organizes events, international conferences through collaborations with government, non-profit organizations, regional and national authorities to achieve the objectives of sustainability. UNFPA supports family planning by offering affordable quality contraceptives and strengthening national health systems. This also offers technological and financial support through collaborations with public organizations, to developing countries.

Besides this, in many ways, corporate organizations, charitable organizations, and individuals observe the day internationally. Seminars, activities, educational awareness sessions, and essay contests are all included.

Facts About World Population Day 

  • In 1000 AD the world population was just 400 million. This first reached 1bn in 1804 and reached 3bn by 1960. It took just 40 years-by-2000-to double the population to 6 billion.
  • 4.2 Individuals are born every second of the day and 1.8 people die. In 2050, it is estimated that about 70 percent of the world ‘s population will live in cities.
  • The population of the planet is 50.4 percent male, and 49.6 percent female.
  • Half of the world’s population growth is estimated to be concentrated in just 9 countries by 2017-2050: India, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Indonesia.
  • Africa (17 percent) and Asia (60 percent) make up more than 3/4 of the world’s population.
  • China (1.41 billion) and India (1.34 billion) remain the two largest nations in the world, with 19 and 18 percent of the world’s population, respectively. Both countries are predicted to have almost 1.44 billion inhabitants in 2024.
World Population Day: Things You Need To Know
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Quotes On World Population Day

  • On this day, instead of regulating the environment for the benefit of the world, we will pledge to regulate our society to ensure the protection of the species. Best wishes on this world population day
  • Make a plan for World Population Day on this occasion. Plan your family, plan your life. Best wishes on the World Population Day
  • It’s our obligation to save the world. Manage the global population and help the world grow and become sustainable and safe.
  • We need to lower our global population growth rate, our Mother Earth can no longer support it. Best wishes on the World Population Day
  • Empowering people and developing nations. Control population, and celebrate this World population Day.
  • A Finite World Can Support Only A Finite Population; Therefore, Population Growth Must Eventually Equal Zero – Garrett Hardin
  • The Negative Impact Of Population Growth On All Of Our Planetary Ecosystems Is Becoming Appallingly Evident – David Rockefeller
  • When The Family Is Small, Whatever Little They Have They Are Able To Share. There Is Peace – Philip Njuguna
  • By Improving Health, Empowering Women, Population Growth Comes Down – Bill Gates
  • Instead of increasing the population, take care of the children we already have. Wish you a happy World Day for the People.
  • If the family is small however little they have, there is harmony and love. Don’t over-crowd. Best wishes on the World Population Day
  • On this World Population Day occasion instead of controlling the growth of any other species let us commit ourselves to control our own growth.
  • Take a stand, and raise awareness. Help, as space is quickly running out. Wish you a happy World Population Day.
  • It’s really easy to add numbers but it’s a hard task to keep it. Take a stand, and stop the earth’s overpopulation. Wish you a happy World Day for the People.
  • Our mother earth can not feed so many. Monitor the world population for the sake of our planet, and celebrate this World Population Day.
  • It is better to manage the burden for global population growth before nature takes it upon itself to regulate it. Wish you a happy World Day for the People.
  • Growth is not a growth we want if it wrecks the world. Monitor population growth and save our mother world. Wish you a happy World Day for the People.
  • If you fill too much of a bowl, it could crack and break. Save the world by regulating the population, until it overfills.

World Population Day is an annual event to raise awareness amongst people about the global population status.

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