History And Importance Of World Laughter Day 2020

History And Importance Of World Laughter Day 2020
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Every year on the first Sunday of May the World Laughter Day is celebrated to spread happiness around the world. It is to be celebrated on 3 May in 2020. It’s a day for the awareness and the other calming benefits of laughter. Scroll Down To know more about World Laughter Day.

Laughter is a way of really letting out all this pressure that you could face in your daily life in the suffering of your people, and comedy is almost like a medicine to your soul in a way.”- Hiam Abbass

Are you aware that many community groups around the world are known to practice simple foreign laughter strategies that encourage health and well-being? It is free and available to all.

As we know, we feel good when we laugh, but very few understand that laughter is a healthy practice to boost our well-being every day. No doubt laughing is a way of relieving a certain amount of tension and discomfort.

History Of World Laughter Day

In developing the Laughter Yoga movement, Dr. Kataria focused on the concept of facial feedback, according to which one’s facial expressions have a profound influence and effect on one’s emotions and sensations. On Laughter Day he adopted the same philosophy. World Laughter Day is a successful example of world peace. It aims at creating a world understanding of solidarity and friendship through laughing. Laughter Day has since reached the heart of the rest of the world.

World Laughter Day was celebrated for the first time in Mumbai, India on 10 May 1998. Dr. Madan Kataria arranged this. Several people gather in public places with the sole intention of laughing.

Dr. Madan began the Laughter Yoga movement with a target that the theory of facial feedback postulates that the facial expressions of a person will influence their emotions. It establishes a worldwide sense of fraternity and friendship by laughing.

Do you know that “Happy-Demic” was the first gathering outside India for World Laughter Day? In 2000, in Copenhagen, Denmark, there were over 10,000 people at Town Hall Square. This was the biggest event where people laughed and joined, breaking the world records of Guinness.

History And Importance Of World Laughter Day 2020

How World Laughter Day is celebrated?

The main goal of this day is to encourage international laughter and to raise awareness through laughter clubs about its healing benefits. Dr. Kataria once said, “You improve when you laugh and transform the entire world around you.” Laughter Yoga has seen exponential growth and has become a worldwide popular experience. It has contributed to 6,000 laughter clubs in 105 countries across the globe. World Laughter Day is marked by people from a variety of backgrounds, who cross any social, professional, and personal obstacles.

Numerous laughter clubs hold special events on this day, including mass laughing, peace rallies, blood donation workshops, free BP and diabetic checks, and so on. Members of the worldwide laughter clubs get together with friends and family members in a public place. There are also read messages by Dr. Kataria and dance and laughter sessions are held as well.

History And Importance Of World Laughter Day 2020

Health benefits of Laughter

We know that laughter is the best medicine. Here are some health benefits of laughter.

  • Laughter stimulates the production of antibody-producing cells in our body, strengthening the T-cells and building a stronger immune system.
  • Laughter is good for facial muscles. It’s said if you laugh a lot, the wrinkles will be at the right place as you get older.
  • This is strengthening the immune system. Because it reduces the stress hormones and improves immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, as well as increasing disease tolerance.
  • Laughing triggers endorphin releases. It is a natural chemical that makes you feel healthy and momentarily relieves pain.
  • It protects your heart. Laughing promotes blood vessel integrity and increases blood flow.
  • Calories are burning with laughter. According to one study, a laugh of 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn about 40 calories.
  • It can also help you carry on living longer. It lightens up anger, too.
  •  Laughter allows you to relax and refresh. This lightens anxiety and stress, strengthens endurance, reduces pain  And it relaxes your muscles.
  • It’s a natural exercise.
  • This is complementary cancer therapy. Some studies indicate that laughter has a strong beneficial impact on cancer therapy.
  • Laughter increases the oxygenation of the blood. It improves memory, too.
  • It also promotes creativity.

Few side effects of Laughter are

  • Sore Muscles: You’ve seen your abdominal muscles become miserable and can weep for a short period of time if you laugh hard. It does not have a lasting impact or discomfort.
  • Cardiac disease and operation restoration: There were no research findings so far, but laughter is related to other serious conditions, such as severe heart disease, where laughing agitation and changes in blood pressure can be dangerous.

What we need when facing obstacles is a blast of nice, heartfelt laughter. Laughter offers a better perception of tough situations. You should get together with your friends and share all the funny memories, or watch a funny movie with your family for the occasion of World Laughters Day. Make it your habit to smile more and spread joy around you. Use this day in full and continue from now on. Happy world laughter day!

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