Be Super-Wo-Mom

Be Super-Wo-Mom
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“Be Super-Wo-Mom”


“Womom” What does it mean? “Womom” means working woman not only a woman but she is a responsible mom at the same time.

I started working when my munchkin was a year old. And I started loving and respecting myself from then just because I feel after becoming a working mommy I started pampering myself. I realized that I too have some needs which can be fulfilled by me and no one else can help me out for the same. I started sharing positive vibes. By the time I started a new journey of being the working mom I started feeling so emotional. I was worried about how my child feels and how he will spend his whole day with his grandparents.

So one day I decided to keep an eye on him for a day and then I realized how happy he is with his grandparents and after some days I got to know that he is so comfortable with them. But somehow I again had thought the same questions in my mind that “Am I really doing good?”.Then I started comparing my days when I was not working with when I started working and handled both the responsibilities as a versatile lady. When I used to do household things and took care of my baby, I was not taking care of myself at all. I was dependent and taking myself for granted.

But when I started working at the office, it totally changed my life. I got to know about the importance of my ‘self’ at home and at my workplace. Somewhere I realized that I am an independent mom of a matured child. There are so many people who talk behind me. They don’t feel good with what I am doing today but at the same time, there are some people who say that they feel proud of me. And I think about those who are encouraging me for my work and I keep going on.

So ladies here I want to share the importance of being a working mommy.


1. Independent Child:

If you’re a working mom then your child will mostly not find you around so they start doing things by themselves. Mostly they don’t ask for help. They eat their breakfast by themselves, they will start getting ready for school, etc.


2. Financial Support:

If you’re earning, you’ll support your family financially and somewhere you become “Woman of the family”.Because you are fulfilling all the needs of your family.


3. Smarter Child:

Many times you need to move out of the house by leaving all the household chores intact. So they become responsible and manage to do all their task without being dependent on others. Therefore, they become smart.


4. Helping Hands:

Though it’s very rare in India children noticed that after coming home, both mom and dad works are tired but they help each other. Dad is becoming helping hand to mom. This makes the child help in household chores too and teaches them good habits.


5. Life becomes exciting:

As non-working mom stays at home on a daily basis they don’t even understand the meaning of a “Quality time”. And because of working moms children and even mothers can expand their social networks.


6. Inspirational Idol:

Working moms not only work at their offices they do look after all the responsibilities at home. They do take care of their children. So their children don’t need to search for any other example for hard working people they get it easily at home.


7. “Wo-man”:

And the last but not the least, you become a totally independent woman with completing all your responsibilities. And you as you become an earning person you can full fill your wants and needs without being accountable to anybody else in your family.

So, ladies, you all must be thinking “why I am not discussing the cons of being a working mother?. So yes, I know maybe you feel tired, may your kid feel alone sometime, maybe you face discrimination and harassment at your workplace, maybe your husband is not becoming your helping hand. But I would like to tell one thing that –“Leave everyone to their own place and you just focus on the positive things around you”, and be yourself.

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