Why Not To Hit Children

6 key points to pocket!
1. They grasp language of love faster If they understand your love then they will surely listen to you. Instant shown rage may harm their trust on you.
2. Don’t hurt their Self-esteem When they are kid, they are learning the way of living life in this world, let their self esteem, their self confidence and respect for themselves grow. Frequent shouting and hitting can ruin their believe on themselves.
3. You may loose the Bond Don’t let them perceive that ‘my parent will not understand’. If you show your rage on them so often then they may seek love and understanding outside home, nothing is more dangerous than this.
4. Depression may clutch them Ruining their self-confidence by hitting them may lead to depression as they would fear to talk, make friends or do as their mind say. However childhood is the only time when brain storms the best during hobby or play time, so let their soul dive into the creative sea not into the dark loneliness.
5. Distraction Your rage may make them distracted from the studies, they may not remain keep to discuss about their scores, projects etc.
6. This may become their habit as well Your actions are always copied. Remember, whatever you do in front of your kids it get imprinted into their little brains.
So never feel shy ever if you see any complaints about your kid coming back after beating his classmate or any of his cousin while playing. Because you might have showed him how to!!
Better to be a nice example yourself, be softer enough that your kid learns every good thing swiftly and keep a sharp eye on them to remain firm enough that every time he is doing something wrong he know that my mom will disapprove this.
Raising a well mannered kid is not only your achievement as a parent but they are also an asset to the nation !