Why I Need You

Image source : Pixabay

Yes, I need YOU,  I  Miss You…..

“Because you are the one whom I want to share when something really good happens,

You are the one who understands me when something is troubling me,

You are the one who makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear,

But I miss you the most when I think of all the beautiful memories we shared with each other.”

Yes, As a woman, I am strong, independent and can do everything. But still, I need you in my life.

I need you because:

  • You understand me, you know my mood, likes & dislikes, my values, you may not like all my thinks but you understand me and accept me the way I am.
  • Yes, it’s you who makes me laugh until I cry. You make every possible way to make me happy. No matter how weird or silly your jokes I  connected with your humorous side.
  • You are caring, the kind who an uncanny ability to detect when I need you more.
  • You guide me when I am stressed out or out of balance. The way you soothe me and help me to get back in my normal life easily.
  • Whenever I struck you mentor me and help me. You always remind me that grow, improve and flexible for every situation.
  • We always have fun together. We are so comfortable together that we can have fun without any pressure to try to have fun.
Image Source- Pixabay

A woman needs a man who is good and knows how to keep his woman happy.  Its okay & normal for a strong woman to have a partner. Want to know Why, Here it is:

  • There is no shame of wanting someone in your life. To carry out big dreams and idea is great with the man of your life. As you know Teamwork makes the Dream work.
  • We all need someone to fill our void space. Why makes a woman weak when she wants someone in her life. She wants someone who helps and be her side.
  • Sure some men are dangerous, but all men are not dangerous also they are not your enemy. Wanting a man doesn’t mean you are hooking up with the enemy. Its just you need a human for love and affection.
  • A good partner inspires you to do better things in life. Strong women need a man then it’s likely because he brings out another side in her. He also inspires women to see things in a different way.
  • Being alone is a choice. Your dignity is the measure of strength, not your dating status. Also, strength is not defined by solitude.
  • Every time you can’t be strong. We face time when we feel vulnerable and weak. At that time we need someone to carry our loads. You need shelter too when you are not feeling strong.


Women Ask yourself  “Are you truly happy when you say you don’t need men in your life— their love, presence, company, humor, and more?  To be frank, NO. We all need them.