Why Breast-Feeding Is Important

Breast-Feeding Is Important
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Breastfeeding is very important for a baby as it’s a natural way to feed your baby. It contains all the nutrients which baby needs. Also, it helps in creating a loving bond between you and your baby. To initiate the process of breastfeeding, skin contact between mother and child is necessary. 

Newborn babies feel more sleepy on the first day of there birth. The first 24 hours is most important and you need to ensure that you feed your baby every 2-3 hours. As the baby is sleeping and not waking up then its very difficult to feed the baby. 

Health Benefits Of Breast Milk:

  • It contains all the nutrients which baby need for the 1st 6 months. It also satisfied their hunger and thirst at the same time.
  • Breast milk is helpful in developing the eyes, brain & Body systems.
  • Helps in jaw development.
  • Helps the baby resist infection and disease
  • Risk of obesity in childhood also reduce
  • During the Development of the immune system, breast milk helps to protect the body of your baby.
  • It protects babies against allergies, asthma, diabetes & also from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Benefits of Breastfeeding in mothers:

  • Decrease the risk of hemorrhage after delivery.
  • Decrease the risk of cancer in breast and ovarian.
  • Cheap and convenient and also always available.
  • Also helps to soothe your baby.

Start breastfeeding within an hour after your baby’s birth. The first milk in your breast is quite thick and yellowish in color. The first milk is called COLOSTRUM. It is rich in protein which helps to give your baby a great start in life. After few days Colostrum is replaced by mature milk.

Try to maintain a close skin to skin contact with your baby after delivery it will help him/her to find the nipple and begin feeding without any help. 

Challenges Of Breastfeeding

  • Initially, women feel uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding. But the time and practice they overcome from this.
  • For the first few days, there is a Latch-On pain which is normal. This pain lasts less than a minute. But if it paining throughout the feeding, then consult with doctors. It may be because of improper positioning but it sometimes because of infection also.
  • During the time of breastfeeding, women should aware of what they eat and drink as this can be pass to the baby through breast milk. Also breastfeeding women avoid eating fish that are high in mercury.

Some women choose formula feed over breast milk because:

  • Formula feed is convenient also both the parent share the duties of feeding a baby. Also, it helps the partner to feel more involved in the feeding process.
  • In formula feeding, the mother doesn’t need to find a private place in public to feed a baby. Also, there is no need to schedule work according to the feeding time.
  • Also, mothers don’t have to worry about there eating and drinking habits that may affect the baby.

Breast Feeding is the learing process. It helps in creating a loving bond between you and your baby. Don’t hesitate to take any help during your breastfeeding journey.


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