Who is the Best Adviser ??


“Parenthood is really adventurous and the most important phase of life where you need a real good adviser for yourself and your baby…”

Parenthood is really adventurous, starting from caring for your own kid till fighting the world (many times with yourself also) for them is all new. What brings a change in you is time that has really changed vigorously from the time of pregnancy, at that juncture it was hyperactive level of hormones which were swinging in your brains and habits. Later in postpartum, a sudden drop of them pushed you into the blues. And yes that’s the most important phase of all the time where you need a real good help for yourself and your baby.

After 3 months when you are now able to balance yourself and your body, whole of the attention goes to baby. Now you think you should bring the best in yourself to become a successful mother. This is very genuine feeling, everyone of us want the best for our babies specially when it is the first one. At this juncture you crave for the best advises. Running to the various mothers of the family and friends, googling, reading blogs etc just can help you to some extent(though their advises has its own importance). Everyone talks about their own experiences about their own kids, yes that works sometimes but what works best is your own instincts and your reading for your kid.

Nobody knows a baby better than a Mom, Being a Mom is not just role but a Boon. The moment you start developing a life into yourself, divinity of godsend role starts thriving into your soul. Your heart knows best when your child needs you, needs to be cuddled, wants to rest, wants to play or does not like any activity, what is making her/him cry, what makes them happy and what doesn’t. Its you who knows it all.For making your instincts work better, you should keep reading your baby, never ignore an infant’s cry or any other gestures till he/she learns to speak. Before believing onto any advice first think whether that will suit/fits your baby or not. All babies are different and do carry particular habits which may differ from others.

How to read habits, likes, dislikes and other activities of your baby-

1. Understand his waking up time of the morning and according to that make a schedule for other day-naps, feeding time, playing time or a evening walk routine. Slowly make a schedule and this routine will turn up into his habit. So that you and him both will understand the need of the hour.

2. While introducing any solid, make him feel the texture, taste, color etc slowly. Let him touch the food initially(during introduction). Don’t be worried about his dirty cloths :). This way you will know what attracts him and baby will also enjoy the meal time.

3. While playing let him pick his own choices of toys at home, you will soon discover his favorite ones.

4. Understand the change in facial expressions when he is sleepy, when he wants the diaper change or temperature change. Most of the times patterns of expressions are same for similar activities like few babies touch their ears and eyes when they are sleepy. Never avoid these signals, because these are early signals. When we avoid it, later baby becomes grumpier and cry aloud. Attention is all they seek 🙂

5. Understand what clothing and fabric is best for him in particular season, so that physically he is at comfort most of the times.

6. Do not force him for anything.

Normally after becoming mother we automatically develop a skill to nurture the baby, every time anything incorrect happens an instinct-trigger in within buzz to alarm you. You just need to listen it and you are there at the most righteous way of the motherhood.