WhiteHat JR Coding For Kids: Is It Worth It?

WhiteHat JR Coding For Kids: Is It Worth It?
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Each grade a child passes and a new one follows with its previous ambition. When children are asked sometimes “What would you like to be? “We say” Oh, it’s too early for this “and their response seems unorthodox. Guess what? It’s never too early, just as it’s never too late. Coding and programming are some of the things a child can do unconventionally. Code learning is developing and creative learning. In the end, that’s what our children in their early life are trying to implement. This is exactly what WhiteHat JR does. Read on to know all about Whitehat jr coding for kids.

What is Whitehat Jr?

WhiteHatJr is an initiative of Google, BCG, Discovery Networks, IIM Banglore, and IIT Bombay alumni, which provides children with live online coding.

WhiteHat Jr is a kid’s platform where they can learn how to code. The company was founded in December 2018 by Karan Bajaj, an Indian-American businessman.

As of 2020, the company, recently acquired by BYJU for $300 billion, registered 400,000 engaged students. But its popularity relies only on the input of people who are already using it.

Whitehat Jr is a programming platform for kids between 6 and 18 years old to learn to program. Games, animations, and apps are encouraged to be created by children. The business operates on a 1:1 online teaching format and follows a rigorous curriculum.

Their topics include the structure of data, app and game creation, computer education, and space technology.

WhiteHat JR Coding For Kids: Is It Worth It?
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Is WhiteHat Jr. a scam or a legit website for coding for kids?

No, it’s a perfect scam that tries to manipulate two things—

  • Indian parents’ fascination with their children’s “success” as described by their social status and monetary wealth.
  • Lack of technical expertise amongst parents.

WhiteHat, a start-up in education technology, is involved in the teaching of coding for children. Although it is not a concern for teaching coding itself, the fact that the business – and ambitious parents – assume that children as young as six must learn is a major problem (or compelled to do so by their parents).

Children At the Increased Risk Of Online During Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Online courses enable educational institutions across India to solve the Covid-19 lockdown in order to take the academic calendar forward. However, the development has raised various questions with experts in education, including UNESCO and UNICEF.

Some expressed concern about the possible risks to young children of internet exposure.

There were 40,000 students registered by the Whitehat jr in 2020. When all went online after lockdown, this start-up had a big chance and began to develop itself. So they recruit people who have a strong academic background, even though they’re not coders. As WhiteHat used to teach only coding classes from 6th to 12th. So if a person is from a technical background and can easily teach coding to lower classes, it takes only a few days of training.

The syllabus for grade 1 students and includes a lot of statistics, data structures and algorithms, and a lot of material. Now imagine your first-grade kid learning how to write alphabets, numbers, tables, and add and subtract basics.

So how do you expect your child to understand these concepts? In only one scenario, this is feasible. The child is born with certain supernatural abilities.

For those who are praising WhiteHat Jr.

There are computer science graduates from IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi who get to work in Google with a package that doesn’t even have one cr most of the time. And here’s an online business ad that means that a kid can receive 150 cr from google only by creating certain applications and websites. Any stable individual wouldn’t believe what WhiteHat Jr. serves Indian parents.
White Hat Jr. teaches children components to combine and construct an interface that is obviously NOT CODING. Coding requires thinking logically and problem-solving, not reaction indigenous or flutter awareness.

WhiteHat JR Coding For Kids: Is It Worth It?
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Mentors don’t have to have prior coding knowledge

Isn’t this mandatory when you teach children coding? How is the teacher going to answer the child’s questions and queries?

According to a pre-written script, the teachers teach and many of the teachers do not have coding expertise. What this means is that they will not be able to answer student questions. (Anything beyond the pre-written script that is given).

As per a former teacher, “The standard of a teacher is bad.”

“Most of the teachers don’t have a coding background.”

A lot of questions will come to the child while learning to code. Coding is not the same as other theoretical topics. There’s a lot of practice required. Some of the teachers have no potential to overcome these doubts.

In one of their advertisements, they state that there is no requirement for teachers to have any previous coding knowledge. As a parent, your first question should be how can a teacher who does not know coding teach coding to your child?

Their advertisements speak about becoming a CEO after the lockdown and becoming a Space Technologist at the age of 13. How is it possible to use block coding under the supervision of teachers with no coding background?

There may be certain teachers who have coding expertise, but shouldn’t this be a necessary criterion for everyone?

WhiteHat JR Coding For Kids: Is It Worth It?
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Coding is helpful to children, no doubt. Yet it has to be properly implemented. First, the kid needs to get the details right before he starts worrying about stuff like Space Tech. Before spending your hard-earned money, I request parents to be very careful here.

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