What Your Teenager Wants From You

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When I was a little girl, my parents used to play with me, loved me a lot and also give me the things whatever I asked for. But when I grow up all got from them is advised, scolding about my studies, marks, and exams. They used to compare me with others. I also sometimes stop talking to them. I want their love and affection that I used to get when I was a  little girl. I thought they HATE ME!

Every teenager faces these things. And to some extent, this is the reflection of today’s parents how they treated their children in the home. If I ask any parents that does your love really fade away as the child grows up, they refuse this says that they still love their children like the way they used to love when they are little. But they also say that their children don’t understand their love.

So, parents, you have to openly express your love for your teen, only then they will understand your love for them.

Parents you always try to guide and discipline your child with the strict rules you make. In your perception, this is what is good for them. Maybe this is good for them, but you can also do the same things with your love and affection. You will never discipline your child by being harsh. If you are strict and harsh to them, they become complicated and difficult to understand which cause the problem of behavioral issues in teens. If you show that you care for them without being strict they will start listening to you, also the relationship between your child and you becomes stronger and they understand your perception and they will respond positively.

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For a friction-free relationship with your child, you can do a few things:

  • Hugs and pats will work: When your child is having trouble fighting the problems of teenage a simple hug will help to lower the level of stress, anxiety and make him cheerful. No one is too old for a hug or pat. It also strengthens your bond with your child.


  • Spend more time with them: For maintaining a healthy relationship with your child spend more time with them. Take some time from your work and listen to your child. She might be facing some problems, doubt, confusion. Teens always have something to share. Listen to your child and respond positively. If they don’t have anything serious points to talk, listen to them to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with them.


  • Offer Help: Nowadays children are too much busy in School, tuitions, coaching classes, extra-curricular activities. Your child needs your help in managing some task like driving them to a special class. A little help will help in strengthening the parent-child bond.


  • Express your love through gifts: Express your love towards your child by giving a gift. It is one of the best ways to express your love effectively.  Value of gift doesn’t matter, it’s the act which has a positive impact. Teens feel special when their small achievements are recognized by their parents. It encourages them to put more effort.
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You all know your child better than anyone else. A little care, an effort will help to bond with your child. Always listen to them and know what exactly they want from you. For a lifetime healthy relationship shows and express your love openly.

Parents, you have to openly express your love for your teen, only then they will understand your love for them.

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