What Upsetting Sameera Reddy Post Pregnancy

Sameera reddy
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Sameera Reddy made a splash on a big screen with her impressive look & dance move. She appeared in many Bollywood and Kollywood movies between 2002-2013. She was away from the show business during and after her 1st pregnancy. 

She left the show business and the limelight after her marriage in 2014, and after the first child “Hans” in 2015. She is one who didn’t share every single minute of her personal life in social media. She is a proud mother of 3 years old baby and soon gives birth to her 2nd child.

A few days ago, she posted a picture of her baby bump with the caption “Halfway there! #baby #bump can’t wait to meet you!”. She also shares the experience of postpartum depression from 1st pregnancy. 

Image Source- Instagram

But what makes her comeback in the limelight during her 2nd pregnancy & sharing the experience of her 1st postpartum depression after 3 long years….

Her Experience from 1st pregnancy:

I stopped stepping out, as I was scared of the public as I feel people will judge me. It was stressful at that time. At some point of time, I want to come back to show business and sometimes I don’t want to. Like many women, I also don’t know about the changes in my body post pregnancy. I was unprepared for this experience.  I felt (FOMO) Fear Of Missing Out and thought how people will judge me the way I look after pregnancy. I am falling rapidly into depression and keep myself away from the limelight. I was insecure about how judgmental people outside judge me for my weight and because of this, I have no confidence to come out. People criticize and troll us for our body during and post pregnancy. It upset me to see how people body slams a woman who is pregnant or just deliver a baby. I was battling with my depression. 

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After a gap of 3 years, I am again back in the limelight gaining so much confidence to speak up about my experience of postpartum depression. I  now regret my decision to not go back to work or away from the limelight. My 2nd pregnancy is easier as compared to my 1st pregnancy. This time I am so happy to go out. I am now enjoying the most beautiful phase of my life and flaunting my baby bump beautifully and with confidence. This is because now people are now accepting these changes. 

Trendsetter Kareena & Neha stepped out and do whatever they want to do during and after their pregnancy. They give me hope and confidence to be in the limelight and show your beautiful phase to the world. Today’s weight because of pregnancy is accepted by people. There are people who still troll, but now women have the power to step out in style. Now I am looking forward to join the industry and come back in movies. I am planning to come back after 2 years on my terms.

Image Source- Instagram

We congratulate her for her 2nd pregnancy and fighting for postpartum depression. 

Pregnant women have gone through lots of physical and emotional changes. Many women experience postpartum depression because of these changes. Don’t let yourself stay inside and get depressed. Come out and fought with the troller and enjoy the beautiful phase of your life.

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