What is Social Distancing and Why It’s Important

What is Social Distancing and Why It’s Important
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You’ve most definitely heard the term ‘ social distancing’ circulating around social media with the latest COVID-19 pandemic on the planet. Whether it is the closing of malls and restaurants, the work-from-home announced by most offices, or the cancellation of many activities across the globe, all these are efforts to distance themselves from society. So what exactly is social distancing, and why are governments and organizations so strongly urged to do so? Let’s work it out. Scroll down to know what is social distancing and why its important.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing is an attempt that people around the world are making to slow down the spread of viruses, in this case, the COVID-19 coronavirus. We share germs or microbes every time people touch or communicate physically and then spread to other people we encounter along the way, etc., which is how viral infections spread. Social distancing means going out, either for work, hanging out or more, only when necessary and within reason. When people are isolated at home they remain free from infection. One individual practicing social distance can save himself, but the virus can be absolutely stopped by a whole society practicing it. Let’s see why that matters so much.

Benefits of Social Distancing

Social distancing helps not just the culture but also yourself. This is why a pandemic is so important.

What is Social Distancing and Why It’s Important

1. Slows the Spread of Viruses

Of course, there are many things preventing the spread of viruses, but the secret to avoiding it is slowing it down first. If people do not interact with each other, the whole line is cut off from the spread of the virus. When all the sick people are quarantined and healed, the infection transmission officially ceases, which is basically the only way to avoid such a pandemic.

2. Keep people safe

The most noticeable advantage of social distancing is that you remain safe and protect the people around you in turn. This is perhaps more important to note is that certain people are more vulnerable to other viruses. In the COVID-19 scenario, they are the elderly or those with respiratory ailments. And, even though you don’t fall into the high-risk category, you might still be able to pick up and bring the virus and pass it on to someone who may get seriously affected. You always take responsibility for those around you by practicing social distancing.

3. Reduces the pressure on the healthcare sector

The health-care system of each country has its limits and can accommodate only so many cases at a time. Not to forget, in order to treat patients, the physicians, nurses, and staff put their lives at risk every day. By keeping yourself healthy and the people around you, you are helping to reduce some of the pressure the healthcare industry will face. This way, the people infected can recover and the virus can be stopped more easily.

4. Family bonding time

Social distancing lets you spend more time at home with your kids. And you can catch up with your partner, children or in-laws and chat about what you’ve missed out in those few months. Don’t forget to check out some fun family-friendly things when stuck at home.

What is Social Distancing and Why It’s Important


5. Get Things Done

We all have the long to-do list of stuff we have wanted to do for months, whether it’s homework, a good book to read, or a new hobby to try. Yeah, here’s your chance to tick some stuff off the list.

6. More Savings

No regular travel expenses, no dining out, no alcohol, and how much money you end up spending, you’ll be shocked. This all depends on your lifestyle, of course, so try to restrict order when you’re at home.

7. More Me-Time

Owing to your hectic lifestyle, you won’t even know how much me-time you missed out on. You give time to the person who wants it most, YOURSELF when you save time by not commuting to and from work or going out as much as possible! So, indulge in some pamper sessions, be it a nice, warm foot spa, a good book, a hot cup of coffee or just a good nap.

Rules To Follow During Social Distancing

Of course, you have to take some precautions, but social distancing doesn’t mean you have to remove yourself from the world. Here are some rules that you should obey.

What is Social Distancing and Why It’s Important

1. Avoid Crowded Areas

Stop going over into a crowded place. Make sure you maintain a distance of at least 6 Feet from others and go outside at a time when its less likely to be crowded.

2. Stock Up on Groceries

It does not, of course, mean stocking up like the future is imminent, but buying a large amount of groceries at a time, so that the frequency of going out to shop is reduced. Have any snacks or pre-packaged foods, such as chips, popcorn, baby food, pasta, and so on, to munch on, just in case.

3. Avoid House Parties 

Of course, that goes without saying. While playdates and house parties are held at home, they typically include someone who has to travel. So try and reduce the frequency of playdates and house parties to prevent them from contracting any illnesses while commuting and then passing them to your relatives. Even when you are unable to do so, make sure that your friends and family take precautions when traveling and wash their hands as soon as they enter the home.

4. Be Selective

Keep your circle minimal when socially distancing, which means attending no more than ten people’s events and, of course, being careful about who those people are. Making smart decisions will help you and your family stay safe throughout this period.

5. Using the Internet to the fullest

The internet allows you to do it all in the comfort of your home, whether you’re working or talking to your friends. You can even take up a hobby online, talk with your friends or have dinner on a video call with them, or start online with a book club or kitty party. You can do a lot so explore-explore.


The most important thing now is social distancing, as the pandemic can still be regulated. So ask for a work-from-home move, restrict your social contacts, and spend some time relaxing with your family at home, before it’s finally safe to go out!

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