What Happen To Your Body Post – Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an overwhelming experience. In this experience, women have gone through a number of changes physically as well as mentally. 

Giving birth to life is both physically and emotionally exhausting process. Pregnant women need adequate care, both before and after delivery. A number of changes took place because of hormonal changes.

Changes In Body After Pregnancy:

  • Hair Fall: It is one of the common change that occurs after pregnancy. Few weeks after the pregnancy you will start losing your hair. Hair falling phase will last up to a year or less. Hair loss occurs due to the decreasing estrogen levels after childbirth. Oestrogen level is high during pregnancy. Hair fall is normal post pregnancy and it takes some to normalize. 
  • Skin Discolouration: At the time of pregnancy some women experience “Mask Of Pregnancy”. After pregnancy, the brown color spot around the eyes will fade away. Also, women who experienced an acne problem should now see their skin start to clear. Post pregnancy some women experience a red rash around the mouth and chin and also suffer from dry skin which will go within weeks.
  • Bleeding: Wheather you have a vaginal birth or a cesarean, after giving birth you will have something like periods called “Lochia”. Lochia can be heavy for a few days and you have to use maternity pad. Initially, Lochia is bright red in color and after a few days, it becomes lighter in a flow. Lochia will continue for at least 2 weeks and may last up to 6 weeks.
  • Skin Changes: Stretch marks after giving birth is common. The fittest women also experienced some chubbiness in the midsection after giving birth.  But these marks fade away with time. Using special oil and lotion helps to cure these marks. Doing sit-ups, yoga helps to flatten your tummy like earlier. 
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  • Back Pain: Due to poor posture during pregnancy new mom suffer from backache. Back pain lasts up to 6 weeks after giving birth. Stretch abdominal muscle take some times to regain its natural form. 
  • Depression: Post-pregnancy depression is common in women. Common factors by which depression occurs are:

Hormonal Imbalance: After pregnancy women face the number of hormonal changes which leads to depression. 

Change In Lifestyle: After pregnancy, many women find it difficult to give time to themselves or their partners. This leads to dissatisfaction and depression.

Lack Of Rest: Post-pregnancy women did not get enough time to take rest because of an increase in responsibility and this result in depression.

Postpartum Pain: Pain after the pregnancy is common among women which are quite upsetting. 

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  • Constipation: If you experienced constipation during the pregnancy it is possible that after the pregnancy also you face the problem of constipation. Milk, plenty of water or juices can help to ease the pain during constipation.
  • Swollen Legs: Swollen legs are common during pregnancy, which lessens after the pregnancy. Some women experience twitchiness in their legs after pregnancy. Walking can help to get some relief from twitchiness.
  • Sweating: After giving birth you may experience sweating during the night. This is because of the extra fluid accumulated at the time of pregnancy.


Women experiencing some changes after pregnancy. The changes, mostly occur in hair, body weight, skin, breasts, genitalia, abdomen. These changes are normal and can be normal within few weeks. A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and exercise can help in dealing with the changes in body post pregnancy.  


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