Know All About Weird Pregnancy Dreams

Weird Pregnancy dreams
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Dreams During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a moment when many changes are taking place in your body and mind. These changes have a major impact on your overall health, mental disposition, and feelings. Your long trip of nine months is going to be thrilling, exhausting and difficult in various respects. It’s no wonder that your pregnancy dreams may be more vivid and wild than normal.

Why Pregnancy Dreams Are Weird?

Dreams represent your emotional state like funhouse mirrors. And given that childbirth can feel like an emotional rush, it is not surprising that your dreams are wilder than normal. If your dreams are better recalled, you can chalk them to pregnancy, too. (The hormone progesterone boost during pregnancy can be a factor in the cause of those mental ups and downs.) Although we all dream every night, most individuals remember only an occasional dream.

However, pregnant females usually wake up overnight due to bladder pressure, anxiety and other sleep disturbances. And the more disrupted your sleep, the more probably you will wake you up with a new dream.

Why Do You Get Weird Dreams When You’re Pregnant?

We should first attempt to analyze what happens when we’re asleep to comprehend this. Our sleep is split into different phases, from light sleep to REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) and then profound sleep. We experience about 4 to 6 sleep cycles throughout the duration of our sleep, including the different sleep stages. Dreams take place during the REM sleep phase.

Experts recommend that if we wake up at the end of a sleep cycle, we wake up refreshed. When pregnant, however, there are many disturbing variables that make it hard to accomplish constant sleep, and you create mid-cycle or cycle wake-up.

Physical circumstances such as leg cramps, frequent urination, or being in an unpleasant situation can trigger sleep cycle disruption. You wake up between a cycle of sleep. If you were in REM sleep when you were awakened, the pictures of your dream at that moment will be remembered vividly by your mind. That’s why, when you’re pregnant, you generally remember your dreams in more detail, and it’s not because you’ve never seen comparable dreams before.

What Do These Vibrant Dreams Mean?

After such dreaming episodes, one of the perplexing issues pregnant females struggle with is “What do these dreams of pregnancy mean?”. The physical and emotional changes in your body occur each month of your pregnancy. So what you dream is strongly related to the topics that are prevalent to every point of your pregnancy. Let’s decipher the significance of the dreams you are likely to have during each phase.

First Trimester Pregnancy Dreams:

Early dreams about pregnancy often represent your fears and anxieties about the months to come. You’re going through a new stage in your life, whether you are a new mother or an experienced mother, and that can give you feelings. You may dream of giving birth to anything other than a  child, the baby just one good day or of a strange conception. This is generally linked to your worries over a difficult pregnancy or a normal child.


Second Trimester Pregnancy Dreams:

The second trimester normally consists of the moment when pregnant females relax most after symptoms of initial pregnancy. Therefore, at this moment it is easier to sleep. Dreams during the second trimester of pregnancy are however generally just as senseless. The attitude you have towards your pregnancy will be very close to your dreams.


Third Trimester Pregnancy Dreams:

With the delivery approach, worrying dreams may come to light again. You may be anxious about labor and delivery in your subconscious mind, about life changes which will quickly occur, and also about your child’s security. This can lead to vivid, frightening dreams.

Your dreams of unfortunate life events and misfortunes merely represent your fears. The anticipation that your kid will see and know his or her sex for the first moment can also lead to a dream in which such interpretations are seen for better or worse.


How Can You Deal With These Weird Pregnancy Dreams?

If you are constantly struggling with weird and worrying dreams of pregnancy, rather than avoiding it, it is best to tackle the scenario.

  • First, prepare yourself mentally with the certainty that these scary or strange dreams are just the way your body reacts to your present condition. You don’t need to worry about anything that will come true. If you need some reassurance, talk to your doctor.
  • Next, quickly tackle your sleep problems. While it is difficult throughout your pregnancy to sleep continually and comfortably, you can always enhance your condition.

Make sure that sleep time doesn’t exhaust you too much and that you use pillows and other comfortable products that allow you to sleep better.

If you are suffering from cramps at night, speak to your doctor and deal with the problem.

With a few appropriate modifications in lifestyle, you’ll get better sleep and your nightmares’ frequency will also drop. Make a deliberate effort to get the sleep of peaceful evenings and offer your body the rest for a good pregnancy.


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