Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Weird Phobias You Probably Hav
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We just enjoy the pitter-patter sound the rain creates. For some, homophobia – fear of rain – could be triggered. Weird but true. Weird. Scroll down to read about some strange and weird phobias.

“You set yourself free when you overcome fears

At the present day when social distancing is the new norm, a fear of shaking hands may be forgiven. However, it could be a phobia if this fear starts at the extreme to such an extent that you start to sweat in the mere sight of a hand. In reality, you might have Chirophobia-the the fear of the hands. Weird but real.

What Is A Phobia?

Phobia is an extreme fear or dislike of a given thing or situation, particularly that which is not reasonable. People with phobia know that their fear can be irrational, but they can’t.

There is a great variety of phobias. While some phobia is familiar to many, others range from the unusual to the unfamiliar to the surprising. Read a few of them to know.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Here are 12 weird phobias you probably haven’t heard of

1. Eisoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors

Some of the first things people do in the morning and all day long is to look in the mirror, get refreshed, brush their hair, sort their dress, and so forth. Imagine you couldn’t do it all. The fear of mirrors or seeing one’s own reflection in the mirror is Eisotrophobia. This phobia causes embarrassment and anxiety when people look into a mirror.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

2. Hippopotomonstro: Fear of long words

This phobia maybe you’re greatest enemy if you enjoy reading and are the ones you like playing with words. Especially if it’s too long. For people with dyslexia who are able to cope with long terms, this phobia is typically invented. Sesquipedalophobia is also often referred to.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

3. Athazagoraphobia: Fear of forgetting or being forgotten

As human beings, we are all worried about others forgetting us, being reduced to a memory of insignificance. A seldom mentioned phobia, Athazagoraphobia is when you or anyone close to you suffers from loss of anxiety or memory, or even the fear of Alzheimer’s disease emerging.

Treating someone with Alzheimer’s to constant concern and fear that the person may forget may lead to Athazagoraphobia in some cases.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

4. Nomophobia: Fear of being without a smartphone

This is one phobia that may well extend to the generation of today for whom their smartphone has become a part of their everyday life.

Nomophobia (shortened from mobile phobia) is the fear of having no smartphone. This suggests a deep-rooted apprehension that your phone does not impact everyday life to the degree that it starts. “Nomophobia can lead people to worry about their phone by becoming anxious, worried, and lonely.”

5. Ombrophobia: Fear of rain

We love the sound of falling rain, imagine a mountain after the dry, rainy summer months. Rain can have quite the opposite impact on people suffering from homophobia. They’re afraid of rain, yes. These people may have before or during rain feelings of fear and anxiety.

Ambrose, which means rainstorm, is a Greek term for homophobia. Young children are commonly considered to have more phobias than adults.

6. Globophobia: Fear of balloons

Without a balloon stash in a range of different colors and dimensions, no Birthday Party or fun-filled event. But ballons around may be difficult for people suffering from glossophobia. Frequently, the root cause of global phobia is a result of an event involving explosive balloons which leads to a profound fear of balloons.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

7. Pentheraphobia: Fear of Mothers-in-Law

No, we’re not kidding. We’re not kidding. There is such fear. Pentheraphobia occurs when a person has a profound fear of his or her mother-in-law. In most cases, after a traumatic event, this fear breaks out. No prizes to guess the mother-in-law is involved in the event.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

8. Chloephobia: Fear of the papers

Newspapers are an important part of everyday life. They keep our news and activities up to date. Among these, also people like crosswords. But some people can’t come close to one.

Individuals with Chloephobia or fear of newspapers experience tension and anxiety when they see them. Some even feel distressed by the smell of the newspapers.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

9. Zoophobia: Fear of all animals

Without humans encountering animals, not a day goes by. Within your neighborhood, dogs, cats, cows, and goats live within peaceful coexistence, with more exotic animals living on the zoo. Though not so for the Zoophobia sufferers. This fear can even make some people stay at home because they are afraid of meeting animals.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

10. Cibophobia: Fear of food

For people to live, food is essential. You eat some food or some other food so often. Imagine a situation now, in which you develop a food fear. Does that sound unbelievable? Well, coulrophobia, the fear of food, is a phobia.

Although this phobia can at first sound irrational, in most situations, anxiety develops after consuming or swallowing food in people who experience painful stomachs or muscle spasms.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

11. Phonophobia: Fear of sound

Sound is one of most people’s most active and well-known senses. We live in a world where every second brings to us all kinds of imaginable sounds: trees hurried, car hawks, babies screaming, birds chirped, dogs barking, people speaking, etc. These and other noises can not be heard by those suffering from phonophobia. On the contrary, he or she is going to be scared of the sounds. This phobia is typically related to a sound accident, like the sudden sound of crackers, a balloon burst, etc.

Weird Phobias You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

12. Decidophobia: Fear of making decisions

As the name suggests, this phobia leaves the sufferer unable to determine – whether to eat, where to go, and whether or not to marry.

These people do not have sufficient faith or lack of faith in themselves to even make fundamental choices. They are dependent upon others to decide.

These are 12  strange and weird phobias you probably haven’t heard of.

People suffer from different kinds of phobia. That of the phobias alluded to above is unique in everything. While some phobias are less painful, some may impair a particular phobia’s mental and physical health. For certain instances, however, they can be handled.

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