We are girls and we are at peace

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To see the movies and girls rising up again, it is fine to say that the “world is changing”. But you come to the streets after the movie is over. You come back to reality and the real world reminds you again how dreamy you really are. But it really has to end, you know. These stares and stalking. These comments and shouting. This constant nagging and breathing down my neck. I am not an angry feminist but when you share your tragedy with someone and they respond like “You should know how to dress when you step out” or “If you dress like that, this is what will happen” – I swear I feel a fire inside me.

How many times have women back-stabbed women? Those aunties in the neighborhood who are constantly peeking to see if your shorts are not too short.

How many times were you called “Not pretty enough” just because you didn’t match the stereotypical standards of “beautiful”.

How many times and how many times more?

This is my reply for all those times.


Perfect world and perfect people

Age old beliefs

And those dramas they repeat

I am tired

I am tired,

Reminding all every time

I am not made just to be desired.


Women backstabbing

Every opportunity just grabbing

Because they need to remind

How short is my short?

And how girls should not snort.



Why can’t I just be in peace?

Only a little humanity, a little love is all I need

And with that I will be at ease.


Stop your judgments

And stop those stares

We girls just do not care

Different colours, different thoughts

Different tastes and different hearts!


We are brown, black, white, wheatish

And we brown, black, white, wheatish girls

With our brown, black, white, wheatish

Hands and legs and pretty face

With eyelashes fluttering

And angry voice muttering.

We are at peace!

With red, pink, purple lipsticks

Or chapped lips

With Kajal running down

And no concealer under found

With blushed or pale face

Running away from this baseless race.

We are at peace!

No fat and so skinny

Or with curves so pretty

The Patiala suits or short skirts

The choker or the cleavage

Waxed hands or unbothered sleeveless

Peeking bra straps or covered with shawls

Stilettoes clicking or converse shoes running

We are at peace!

Laughing, snorting or crying, weeping

Loud or hushed, classy or dirty

Pixie or layers on my head

Just so you know, I am also well-read!

Beautiful! oh so pretty! Why?

I might as well be witty.


You don’t get to define us

You don’t get to confine us

You don’t get to align us

You don’t get to be girls. Period.


With all that we are

And with all that we do

We are at peace

And you should be too.

We are at peace

And the world should learn that soon!

– Vishakha Rupawat


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